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Startup Error 1962 - No O/S Found

By chatt ·
Could a bad CD drive cause a 1962 No Operating System Found error on a Netvista 6578-G9U?
It was running winServer2003 when it first gave the error so I over-wrote it with Linux using the DVD drive).
But it still gives the 1962 with no option for accessing BIOS.

I switched HDs with a good machine and
- the Linux HD from the 1962 PC worked okay
- the bad PC with the good HD still has the 1962.

Maybe I should switch CD drives?

Could it be something else?
I found IBM's take on 1962 and it leans pretty heavily upon it being a bad HD.

Hope someone can help,

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by chatt In reply to Startup Error 1962 - No O ...

I disconnected the data bus to the CD drive and get the same 1962 msg.

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by chatt In reply to Startup Error 1962 - No O ...

I've managed to get access to the BIOS by holding down F1 when powering on; F12 doesn't work.

So what can I do with the BIOS? Can't think of anything right now, but maybe something will come when I sign off. I have asked for enhanced POST.

As usual, any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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by mjd420nova In reply to Startup Error 1962 - No O ...

HHMMM 1962 error is actually a controller error, and apparently motherboard based.. The hard drive failures are normally the 1700 groupings, and the 1900 group was for the old external drive units, and related to the control card in the orignating PC, but could reside in the external drive units control card. Some machines use F4, F5, and F8 besides F12. I like to turn the monitor and warm it up first so I can see the loading when I power up the PC. Usually hitting delete will tak youto the BIOS settings, and from there you can see if the drive is being detected as the right type and size, a wrong setting there will cause all kinds of faults that aren't real.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Startup Error 1962 - No O ...

It sounds very much like a bad M'Board Controller for the HDD's.

If this is an IDE Drive you may get away with attaching it to the other channel and it might then work but if nothing has been done to the unit in question I would tend to think that the HDD Controller has died and you'll need a replacement M'Board.

If the unit is still UG it's an easy repair but somewhat more difficult if you are paying for the new M'Board.


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by chatt In reply to Startup Error 1962 - No O ...

I think it was just a question of boot order -- I needed it to boot from the HD and it didn't, I don't know why.

IBM info on NetVista System Configuration Utility is at:

I find the option to set the start order confusing in that I just don't see it -- it looks like only a heading.

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by chatt In reply to Startup Error 1962 - No O ...

Actually the boot order might not have changed,
it's just that the CD drive was on the boot order
and when it went bad the PC wouldn't boot up.

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