Startup Issues - Windows Server

By taz1nl ·

I am an admin of a server 2003 AD enviroment and am having a problem with a

What happens is that everytime the DC (which holds fsmo roles) is rebooted,
it just hangs for about 15-20 minutes on 'preparing network connections...'
box. This also prevents dns service from starting up in a timely manner,
which subsequently causing name resolution issues across then network. In
fact it takes several reboots and numerous restarts of the dns service before
dns actually starts again.

As mentioned, this DC holds the fsmo roles hence is an important server. It
previously had exchange 2003 installed on it, which isn't a good idea I know
- it was installed by an admin before me. A few months ago I had to manually
remove exchange from this DC because it wouldn't let me remove it the normal
way. Exchange is now on another server.

So what can be causing this abnormal hanging at startup? Could it be related
to exchange being manually removed from the DC or something else? Is it
trying to look for something (ie server/service) but takes it a very long
time to find? I'm thinking in lines of dns or exchange services? The event
viewer doesn't really give a straightforward indication of why this is

If it is the above and cannot be solved in an easy way, then I'm thinking of
installing a new DC and moving all fsmo roles onto a new 'clean' server that
has no errors under the hood, so to speak.

Any advice on solving this would be appreciated.


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So was it working correctly before you changed things on it?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Startup Issues - Windows ...

You need to remember we are not there do not know the previous events and do not know what you have done if you don't tell us.

If it was working correctly before you removed Exchange and hasn't since well I think that is your answer it's either looking for a service that is no longer there to attempt to start it or whatever and/or Exchange was not correctly/fully removed to begin with. :)


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that's the problem...

by taz1nl In reply to So was it working correct ...

That's the thing - I'm not certain this all started happening after exchange was removed from this server. Although I'm starting to get the feeling it is.

I used the following MS article to manually remove exchange:

Because when I tried to remove it by add/remove programs it kept giving me the an error that exchange cannot be removed while there are still some mailboxes on the server, but there were'nt any!!! This sever was the first exchange server installed on the site.


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OK that is the correct way to remove it

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to that's the problem...

Only thing i can think of is that you missed a step along the line somewhere.

May have been something not being used but it's still important to the way that the server works. So did you skip any steps deliberately? If so that is where I would start looking.


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by Wizard-09 In reply to that's the problem...

If this is causing you lots of problems i would move the FSMO Rules to another server along with DNS if you can do you have a BDC in place so you can do this.

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Looks like I may end up doing this...

by taz1nl In reply to fsmo

Looks like I may end up doing this. And yes, I do have a bdc because we have two DC's on site.


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How to remove Exchange Server 2003 from your computer

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Startup Issues - Windows ...

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