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By scottj ·
I just recently attempted to install Win 98 se over the top of the existing win 98 se as I had some issues with my computer. Now I can't get the computer to a windows screen and it stops half way with with the line reading "Searching for boot on drive [C]. Can't figure out where to go from here....

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to startup issues

Firstly do you have any data that you need to save? If so you'll need to remove the HDD and either fit it to another computer or into a USB Caddy and save the data off the drive.

Then you can reinstall it into the original Computer and try a Rescue install which involves doing a reinstall to the original C:\Windows Directory this should remove any problem files and change the Registery so that machine will boot but you'll need to reinstall and Drivers and all your software as well as all the Patches that have been released since that Instal CD was made.

If this doesn't work grab your 98 Boot Floppy and insert it into the A Drive and boot the machine from the floppy and run Format C: which will clean the drive and then you'll be able to run from the Floppy and change to the CD Drive. If you still have the original Boot Floppy that came with the 98SE CD you can use that but you'll need the 98Se install CD in the Drive for it to run. If you only have the Boot Floppy that you make on the install you can boot from that and allow it to install CD ROM Support and then once you get the A Prompt change it to D Drive if you only have the one HDD/Partition and then type in Setup and the 98 Installer will start running. Once you get to that point it's basicly follow your nose and grab the 98SE COA so you have the Product Key to enter in when it's asked for.


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by Aaron A Baker In reply to startup issues

As Col suggested, "And I think he's right", what I would do is set it up as a secondary drive on another computer.
That way there is no work to do of any kind and you can manipulate the information.
Grab all the info that you want or Need" from the drive and then, when you're absolutely sure that you have everything, do a complete format.
If the Drive is huge, cut it, first partition, Fat32
This is the only way you'll get anything out of this drive until you've reformatted the MBR.
Once empty, put it back and start your setup all over again, with the boot disk and you should be ok.
Good Luck

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by OTL In reply to startup issues

Sounds like you have a corrupted master boot record.

Use your floppy disk and when it boots use fdisk/MBR.

Make backups of your data and follow advice above.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to startup issues

good lord love a duck, where is hal's head these days (rdl). i agree with otl. you can fix this with a win98 se boot disk if you can find another computer if you can find another to make one on. or else you can hunt for boot disk images on line or there is a utility you probably have you can use. here you go:

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

then again, why were you reinstalling? do you think you have a boot sector virus? in that case after you fix the boot record mayhe you should scan for viruii in safe or dos mode using say your norton install cd to boot from...

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by Jacky Howe In reply to startup issues

Sounds to me that you have lost your System Files.

Configure your boot disk and make sure you have a copy of on it. Boot using the disk and at the A prompt type in "sys c:"
See how you go.

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