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    Startup of user account problems


    by milnivri ·

    When I start my user account (Administrator), the programs will startup as normal, but after a few programs the computer will start to hang/freeze but I can still open the start menu and open programs which will also hang and not respond.

    I also am unable to open the task manager when I press Ctrl-Alt-Delete or right-clicking in the taskbar, when I wanted to end the supposed hanging startup programs.

    I also tried opening Windows Defender to end the programs instead of the task manager but it just hangs (shows a white window body) when I click in it.

    Programs that supposedly hang when I start the user account:

    • Norman Anti-virus
      Shows the splash screen and stays there forever and the parts of the start menu that overlap the splash screen will stay there
    • Google Talk
      The Google Talk taskbar button just stays there and it hangs when I try to end it
    • Google Desktop
      When I move my mouse over the Google Desktop sidebar it will show the “Busy” cursor and when I click on it the sidebar becomes not responding (as in, I can’t click on anything in there)
    • Sony Ericsson Application Launcher (PC Suite)
      The window just opens and hangs (white window thing) and I think I managed to end it. But it’s still a trouble.

    I also cannot open other programs fully as they will just hang while loading.

    After some tries the computer just doesnt respond to anything but the mouse and when I hover the cursor over the taskbar buttons there isn’t the usual response (e.g. the frame around the Quick Launch bar buttons). I could only illegally shut it down (i.e. the power button)

    I tried disabling Norman Anti-virus and Google Desktop from startup and removed Sony Ericsson Application Launcher (PC Suite). I also uninstalled Google Talk. But to no avail…

    I also suspected spyware or viruses or fragmentation but after removing 100+ spyware and 0 viruses and cleaned up a few files and defragmented, the problem was still there… (P.S. I did not do the whole scan of spyware/viruses as it was taking too long)

    I can access other user accounts without any problems and also after making the abovementioned account a limited account, I can access the account’s documents through another administrator account. However all my previous preferences are gone and I feel stressed about it. Please help me!

    My Computer’s Specifications:

    • Windows XP SP2
    • Home Edition
    • 1.66 GHz
    • 1 GB RAM
    • Fujitsu T2300

    Installed Programs on the day before:

    • Repaired Microsoft Office 2003 Student &
    • Teacher Standard Edition
    • Microsoft IMEPad (Chinese)
    • Microsoft New Phonetic IME (Chinese)
    • Office Genuine Advanvantage Plugin for Firefox
    • Office 2003 Add-in – Desktop Language Settings

    A Few days ago… Installed:

    • Microsoft Office 2003 Student & Teacher Standard Edition
    • [Can’t remember more…]

    Please help!

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      by milnivri ·

      In reply to Startup of user account problems


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      by downrighttired ·

      In reply to Startup of user account problems

      well you could try a 3rd party task manager such as Advanced Task Manager if your able to download/install it.
      You say you removed 100+ spyware? my guess is theres more lurking. Probably some damage to system setting as well. Can you not run a full scan from a seperate account?
      If youve gotten all the docs u need from the account, your best bet would be to delete the account and start fresh. Frustrating if its your primary account but worth it in the long haul.

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        by milnivri ·

        In reply to hmmm

        OK Thanks

        But is it even possible to restore it? Because it is my primary account and I really feel frustrated about it

        Maybe I will try to download the program you mentioned above

        But can I like bring the computer back to the manufacturer to fix it or something? What should I tell them?

        Thanks in advance.

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          by downrighttired ·

          In reply to Ok…

          as far as I know theres not really a way to restore a user. You could try going to the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard and export your user profile, then create a new one and import it. Of course you dont really know if your passing on corrupted settings or files to the new user.
          One thing you may try is instead of the program I mentioned before get CCleaner (check which has a “registry cleaner” it may help the problem some, hard to say.
          I seriously doubt the manufacturer will do anything for you other than a full restore to the system defaults. You could try taking it to a local repair guy (not geeksquad) but the safest/quickest thing will be to delete the user account. Just be happy your not having to do a full system restore!

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          By the way

          by milnivri ·

          In reply to restore

          Actually the 100+ spyware are Tracking Cookies so they don’t do much harm, or do they? 😉

          And I also asked someone else and he said that the problem could be that I had program conflicts such as that of Windows Defender and AVG Anti-Spyware. So I’m going to uninstall Windows Defender and try again.

          Thanks for all your help!

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          by milnivri ·

          In reply to By the way

          I uninstalled Windows Defender but it still couldn’t work!

          And I could not even open programs like Notepad or Paint – the white screen thing also applies

          And also, when I pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del the task manager does not appear but when I shut the computer down the “Ending Program… Please Wait” dialog box shows the taskmgr.exe being ended so it means that it runs but doesn’t appear.

          I think I really should just make do with the second account…

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