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Startup order in XP Home

By wagner4201 ·
My AV (dr.Web) gives an eroor - can't load engine- when I boot-up my computer. Could this be ebcause it is trying to load Dr. Web before Firewall (Zonelabs Pro)?
Any other suggestions?

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by Black Panther In reply to Startup order in XP Home

Try turning off the automatic start for DR Web then after the Firewall is loaded then manually start Dr Web to find out.

Also try turning off the automatic start for the Firewall first and see if Dr Web loads ok- then Start the Firewall Manually.

Have you configured Zone Labs Pro to allow DR Web to run??

Most Firewalls take a while to start.

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by semmelbroesel In reply to Startup order in XP Home

Could be a lot of things.
I would check if there is an update for your software and install it. Also try uninstalling and reinstalling it.
Other possibilities could be adware/spyware that is generally messing up your PC. Free software to scan and remove these can be found at and - on each find a download page and/or the word free or freeware. With each program after installing run them and then search for the buttons to update their database, then scan. Spyware/adware in my opinion are one of the biggest sources of computer problems these days...
There is also the possibility that your Registry is corrupted, and there's not much you can do about that unless you have a System Restore Point or a backup and know exactly how to do it.
I hope one of these helps.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Startup order in XP Home

There is one other possibility as well.

If you have a lot of programs or USB devices installed the computer could be finding it hard to initialize everything at boot up time.

A way to at least partially fix this is to prompt for a password on boot up and when that screen appears leave it for at least 10 seconds before typing in the password and starting Windows. If that works you know that you have more than the system can comfortably start with and if you can not remove at least some of the items that will fix your existing problem and allow you to retain everything that is either loaded or attached to the computer.

If that doesn't work I would remove your AV Program and reinstall it after unplugging the modem. Perform a few reboots before attempting to reinstall the AV program and run Defrag on the HDD as well. That way when you reinstall the AV program you'll have a clean install without any problems. The most likely culprit here is your Firewall which in all likely hood was installed after your AV product and is adversely affecting it.


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