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Starving Artist == Starving Inventor?

By chughlett ·
Suppose you tell a young artist, "your paintings (or sculptures or whatever) are beautiful, even inspired. They will make me lots of money. I will gladly pay you a year's salary for your hard work. Would you mind running by the bank on your way home to deposit my $100,000,000 check?" How inspired is our young artist now?

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Money isn't always inspiration

by JamesRL In reply to Starving Artist == Starvi ...

JK Rowling, Harry Potter author, has more money than she or her family can spend, due to the success of her books. Yet she continues with the effort of writing them because she has a story to tell and charecters she has invested time and energy with.

Many succesfull artists are the same. They work for reasons other than money.


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Anyone how is happy

by jdclyde In reply to Money isn't always inspir ...

with their work life do it for more than the money.

Anyone that goes into a field to be rich will have a hard time because it will reflect in your work.

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But they have to have the money too

by DC_GUY In reply to Anyone how is happy

No matter how happy you are with your life's work, you still need to pay for housing, food, medical care, transportation, entertainment, clothing, insurance, vacation, retirement, training, tools, and the expenses of raising your children. If you can't get that from your job then you have to find a different job.

It's that simple.

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that simple

by apotheon In reply to But they have to have the ...

You're right, it's that simple. If you're not making money at what you do, and you need money, you'll have to do it differently, sell it better, or do something else. That's a fact of life. Of course, if someone else manages to make money at it, more power to 'em.

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by PlacidAir In reply to Money isn't always inspir ...

is that really supposed to mean they shouldn't get complensated for their efforts? Are we supposed to impose a limit on lifetime earnings? Gee, you've made X, so from now on you work for free?

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You mean?

by Jellimonsta In reply to and.....

Your company has done that to you? :)

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of course not

by apotheon In reply to and.....

It doesn't mean anything of the sort. What it means is:

1. The "without money nobody would create" argument is null and void.

2. If you want to get paid, you should produce something others want. That way, you get paid for what someone can use or wants to have, not for the work you do. You can do all the work you like, but if nobody else wants the end result you're just SOL.

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Inspiration shouldn't change

by jdmercha In reply to Starving Artist == Starvi ...

What will change? The artist will have more time to devote to his/her passion. The artist will have less stress related to his/her passion.

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by maecuff In reply to Starving Artist == Starvi ...

Shouldn't a person be paid for the time they spend working, regardless of the type of work? It seems that many people who say "I wouldn't sell my art, writing, music" or whatever it is they create, may not have the option of getting paid. It's easy to hide a lack of talent behind the self-righteous attitude of "I'm not a sell out".

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Not a chance.

by apotheon In reply to Why

You don't get paid for your work at all, and you shouldn't. You get paid for the value you provide others. If you got paid for your work, people that had to put three times as much effort into the same task and spent three times as long at it would get paid three times as much, not fired for being too damned slow. If you can't get someone to give you money for your work, you're not entitled to the money.

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