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State-of-the-art Classroom Configuration

By tallbarb99 ·
Anybody want to offer some input on what they would see as a state-of-the-art classroom for teaching IT courses? Don't hold back! I look forward to your input!

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State of the Art Classroom

by spirit In reply to State-of-the-art Classroo ...

Depends on what you want to do with it. For distance learning, you would have two-way interactive audio/video feeds. Internet2 would be a nice thing to have as well.
Throwing additional PCs at the kids has always been a thing for tech in the classroom. But I do not think that is always wise. Teaming is a good skill for the kids to learn, and if you have teams around workstations learning problem-solving skills with technology, then we have accomplished something admirable!


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Depends on the courses

by gralfus In reply to State-of-the-art Classroo ...

When I went through the Cisco Academy and the local college, they had a pretty nice setup. There were 3 banks of 5 Cisco routers for the CCNA academy, 2 banks of telco equipment (PBXs, 2 differnet vendors models of ATM switches with fiber and coax connections, a wall of connections to wire up phones to the PBX, other assorted equipment like VOIP, etc), several PCs for getting info from the Internet and for connecting to Cisco.

We also had two great teachers, both with many years of experience in the field and who did this class for "fun". Unfortunately, the politics that governed the school caused them to both retire completely. The school seemed intent on closing the program even though it was extremely popular.

For the Windows classes, we had a 2 servers and several PCs connected to each, so we could experiment with creating domains and group policies and such. We also had an A+ class where we learned how to wire CAT5 (requires several crimpers, plugs, outlets, and cables), how to recognize all the parts on a mobo (even the older obsolete parts that are still in use).

The school also offered discounts on certification tests.

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