Static DSL Setup Sonciwall TZ210

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I have just setup a business dsl service with a satic ip and one of our smaller locations. I have a sonicwall tz210 coming in tomorrow morning and would like to get it configured to run at this location. I was expecting ATT to install just a modem for the dsl service, then I would plug that modem into the sonicwall wan port, however it seems their hardware functions as a router as well. I was hoping someone could tell me if that would be a problem? I would obviously like their hardware to provide the internet service, but I would like the sonicwall tz210 to handle everything else such as dhcp, ips, content filtering, and other firewall functions, but I wasnt sure if already having an ATT router sitting in place would work. As I said before, this is a static ip dsl setup, and I am used to setting sonicwall appliances up on T1 circuits, but a dsl modem& router is a first. Thanks in advance for any help....

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so what "router" is AT&T giving you?

by CG IT In reply to Static DSL Setup Sonciwal ...

and what did they say about it?

and what's the demarc point?

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sorry but dont have the model

I have already left for the day so I cant give you the model. I am used to seeing dsl service come with just a modem, you then plug that into your router and go from there. The hardware they installed was a modem and router in one, as they called. I am able to log into the att hardware and configure lan subnets, dhcp, and even some really generic firewall settings. I may not have any problem at all plugging a sonciwall tz210 into it, but I figured I would check since I havent done so like this before. The setup is just a regular analog phone line specifically for this dsl service. This line is plugged into the back of the att modem/router, and then from one of the switch ports on the back of the router/modem to our pc's.

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no different than having multiple subnets

by CG IT In reply to sorry but dont have the m ...

The Sonicwall WAN is on the AT&T router's lan. So if you want to publish services to the internet, you can put the Sonicwall in the DMZ or you can simply turn off the AT&T router firewall. If that router has the capabilities, simply turn off the gateway feature and make it a simple router, or if it can, like the netopia's put it in bridge mode.

The thing to remember is routers breakup larger networks into smaller ones. 2 routers = 2 networks and the gateways are the local subnet router. DNS stays the same.

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sounds like bridge mode is the way to go in this setup. thanks again.

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