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    Static IP address


    by spouye ·

    Hi there,

    Does anybody know of a program that can make a dynamic ip address become static even after you reboot your pc? Let’s say you a dsl account with no static ip address…

    Thank you!!!

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      There is a reason why it is called dynamic

      by lordinfidel ·

      In reply to Static IP address

      Basically, your PC has no control over the settings that it receives from a DHCP server.
      (which is where you are getting the IP address from)

      Even if it was possible to change the time on the lease period of the address. The server side will release the address when it expires anyways.
      And your IP will conflict with another IP on the network (I say network to mean your ISP’s network).

      Setting it to a “static” setting is just as bad if not worse. Since your ISP may not even authenticate at that point. And you will probably run into the conflicting address scenario.

      Your best bet would be to use a dynamic dns service that registers your new ip to a host name such as

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        DHCP Request to server

        by mrbill- ·

        In reply to There is a reason why it is called dynamic

        Don’t most DHCP servers return the previously leased IP if it is available?

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          LAN yes, ISP no…..

          by lordinfidel ·

          In reply to DHCP Request to server

          Just remember, it is not in an ISP’s interest to return the same IP to their clients.

          On a LAN, then yes, you could potentially get the same IP. But not always.

          Pre- My static IP day’s, I was using a cisco 1600 to connect to my dsl at home. The 1600 would renew the adress quicker then the server could release it back into the pool. I went almost 2 months with the same IP. But eventually my luck ran out and the ISP must of have recyled all of the address’.

          Another thing the ISP will do is reboot the dhcp server and bring a different one on line for requests. When that happens, you will have no choice but to get a different address.

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      by thechas ·

      In reply to Static IP address

      Your only option, is to work with your ISP.

      Some DSL providers will provide a static IP for an additional fee.

      If you want the static IP for hosting a web site, take a very close look at your service agreement.
      Most ISPs do not allow you to host ANY web site form your connection.

      You need to have ISDN, or SDSL at commercial rates in order to host a web site.


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      Have you thought about a free redirect service?

      by lonewolf ·

      In reply to Static IP address offers a free service that allows you to run web & mail servers etc they provide DNS redirection and provide a tool that automatically maps the dynamic ip to the address you set up.

      “ is a leading dynamic DNS service provider. We offer a wide range of services pertaining to your internet presence, from that pesky dynamic IP problem to getting around ISPs who block port 25. All of our services take advantage of our global network of redundant DNS and mail servers peered with tier-1 data centers.”

      hope it helps



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