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static ip address + home networking

By jessiah ·
Good day!
We have three windows xp pro systems in the house networked via a linksys wireless router. two of the computer are using wireless adapters and one is using an onboard nic.
The internet is being shared fine and the file and printer sharing was working fine until I changed my computer (a wireless connection) to a static ip. I did this b/c I am trying to set up a server for Symantec Corporate 10.
The internet still seems to work fine, but when i try to view other computers on the network (in the workgroup called MSHOME) i recieve the following error:
Mshome is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administartor of the server to find out if you have access permissions.
The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently avaliable.
I am logged on with an admin account and all the computers are turned on.

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by jessiah In reply to static ip address + home ...

sorry everyone, i fixed that issue.

now here is the big one!

when i open my Symantec System Center to do a ClientRemote Install this is the message i get:

you must log in as administrator to the windows domain that the client computer (name of computer) belongs to.

it is a windows nt logon message.

i have no passwords that i know of set on the computer, yet anything at all that i try i get the message: Access to the network resource was denied.

so that is where i am stuck now...

suggestions please???

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to static ip address + home ...

The problem here is that you have things configured as a Workgroup and you need to configure them as a Domain to run the Symantec Corporate 10 program.

You'll have to either try out a trial copy of Windows 2003 SBE which is good for 6 months and install the Symantec product on that to create a Domain Controller or go the whole hog and buy a copy of Windows 2003 SBE in your case as the full version would not be worth your while. The other alternative is to load up a Domain controller with Linux or something similar as a server and then with a program like Wine or Win 4 Lin install the Symantec product on that so it will run.

Unfortunately you can not setup XP as a Domain Controller as it doesn't work. Even then to be on a domain every copy of XP has top be the Pro version and not the Home version as the Home version can not be used on a Domain.

Symantec Corporate 10 is a Server only Product and is not suited to a Workgroup configuration.

I hope that helps you out.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to static ip address + home ...

i thought you could use it without a domain. i am pretty i have.
you sure you aren't getting the symantec password prompt? for which the password is 'symantec'
i bet you can't ping your gateway.
examine the results from ipconfig on each pc
i think you need to get your gateway set right in your static address....

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by kenneth.mikalsen In reply to

You do not have to join any domains. I have all my clients into that same workgroup. Some remote client install goes fine. From others I get asked for username/password. I really don't know what password I have to type here.
Anybody thast can help??? Please?

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how did u fix it?

by antheco In reply to static ip address + home ...

i have the same issue, i get the message "Mshome is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of the server to find out if you have access permissions"

How did fix the problem? cheers

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by prasaroj In reply to static ip address + home ...

its simple.just u go to change firewall rules have a its own firewall rules
in which acl lists.change the rules which ip adreesss(systems) to be sharing.check allow
option of inbond & outbond packets

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