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    Static IP Addresses


    by jmiller

    I’m in an environment using 150-200 IP addresses. A consultant convinced me to move from static to DHCP, and I did. Is DHCP the best solution for an environment rich on IP addresses?


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      Static IP Addresses

      by simon.wellborne

      In reply to Static IP Addresses

      Far be it for me to contradict a ‘Consultant’ 馃檪

      It all depends on what your network is like etc etc, but generally DHCP is a good thing. Of course, you still use static for your servers and misc hosts (such as IP Printers etc)???!!!

      DHCP gives you the ability to control the individual settings of each (or a group) workstation without having to go to the workstation.

      For example: Say you wanted to change the default route for your workstations. With static, you’d have to walk around the workstations to change, or implement some sort of logon script. With DHCP – you simply change th edetails at the DHCP server and when the hosts update (depends on your DHCP expiry settings) they will obtain the new settings.

      This is an extremely basic example, but DHCP is the way to go in most situations. DHCP has never given me any trouble and can solved many administrative probs. I doubt you’ll be disappointed using it.

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