Static or dinamic pages?

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I have my website ( ) is a romanian web directory.

I'm wonder if using static pages my server wil be faster.

I want for every new url to wrote a static page on my server so database connections will be none and the server will be faster.

So pages like:
or even weburl page ( will be static.

I that correct? The server will be faster?

If Yes how can i do that?

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re: static vs dynamic

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Static or dinamic pages?

Not sure what it is you mean. Are you asking how to decrease the load on the server? If this is the case, then having the server do everything just one time before it displays the page (static) will help take the load off of it. But, if the server has to perform something based on what a viewer does on the page after it loads the first time (dynamic), then of course your server load will go up.

The term "static" page means it does nothing after it is displayed to the viewer. All they can do is click a link to load another page. A dynamic page means if the user mouses over something or clicks a link to expand the view or display lists previously hidden, then it's dynamic. Their view changes, but that's all done on the browser end.

The fact that you have to go to the database to display something doesn't make the page dynamic. It just means you didn't program things to preload everything before the page was displayed.

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