static route vs default route

By owen_cktai ·
Can you give me a hand, i am still need to make understand more for route.

i am confuse default route and static routedu to my new job requirement

1.) The default route can say is the gateway?

2.) Static route is we need to define in the router for pass the data packet to other network. example: network A need to pass data packet to network B need create static route?

3.) if we already define the static route and able route from network A to network B.

That means the gateways we defined on workstations, the workstation also able pass traffic to network B, because gateway is know the road to pass the traffic to network B?

am i right?

From jack

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static route vs default route

The default route is the way out from your network but what if you want to access to another address where the default gw doesn't allow? here comes the static route. You can setup another network and define static route, so whenever you want to access another network, use this static route (not go thru the default gateway)

hope it helps.

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