Static routes between routers

By gbenitez ·
Gents, Im trying to figure out how to setup static routes between routers for traffic. Here is my setup:

- 1 main router - internet comes in

- switch attached to main router and there are 2 routers on the switch

- routers on switch have the main router (.2.20) as the gateway and an "external ip on the .2 network.

Internal router #1

Internal router #2

I need to setup routes to accomplish:

- Communication from any pc to go out to the internet

- Communcation from any pc to go into the other subnet (192.168.20.x to go to 192.168.21.x)

Really would appreciate the help!


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I'll ask the question, what do you know about how routers handle traffic?

by CG IT In reply to Static routes between rou ...

and a second question, how do layer 2 devices handle traffic?

That should answer your question of what to do in creating a routing table.

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