static routing with a linksys router and adtrans T1 modem

By spookydodger ·
Ok, the setup:

a network of computers on a network, with addresses in the range. All the computers had a gateway configured of

A T1 broadband modem (Adtrans) that has an address of

This used to work on a linksys wrt54g router, but had its settings wiped. No one knows who originally did it.

The network has to stay on its IP range due to a server I can't change the address of.

The modem can't be changed to a different IP.

I can get internet on a computer if I put it in the same subnet as the modem. IE, for example if the router is

I am fairly sure it has something to do with static routing in the advanced routing tab of the router's controls. However, I am unable to get to the internet from any of the 10.x computers.

Am I supposed to map (gateway on the computers) to (the network gateway to the internet)?

I've searched / talked with tech support for both my ISP, Linksys, and even the provider of the software that requires the computers to be on their 10.x network addressing. Everyone says talk to one of the others. Very frustrating!

I've searched for information on static routing and bridging networks, but have as yet not found a configuration that works the way it once did.

I can only hope that someone can shed some light.

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by CG IT In reply to static routing with a lin ...

routers create smaller networks out on big networks.

your 2 addressing schemes indicate two subnets.

Given that, there's a router in there somewhere which creates the 10.X.X.X subnet which is private addressing [not routable], not public. the 68.X.X.X is a public address [routable] Not sure if the linksys router is the one because it can only be set to use Class C and the addressing your mentioning is Class A.

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by spookydodger In reply to subnets

The 10.x network is just going through a switch. A nice switch, but a switch none-the-less.

So I'm not sure how to get the network to see the 63.x modem if all the systems have to be 10.x unless I somehow make the router forward the gateway address (10.x.x.254) to the modem's address.

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You may be using the

by Dumphrey In reply to well...

10.X.x.x as a clas sc address (/24 netmask). The first thing, is that the external interface of the linksys needs to be in the same ip subnet as the t1 csu. The static ip and netmask should be available from your ISP. While you have the isp on the phone, get your default DNS server info from them as well.
Now, do you have a server on the network providing DNS and DHCP? If so, make sure those services are disabled on the router.

So, lets say your T1 address is Then your router would need a static EXTERNAL ip address of (or any address between .2 and .6). The router should know that its wan interface is its next-hop default route, if not, check in advanced routing.
Also check that you have the internal IP address of the router set as the gateway for your LAN. So if your servers/computers have a gateway of, then that should be the ip address of the LAN interface of your router.

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