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By rortiz ·
Senior Management has requested that the IT Department provide statistics on the various functions and services the IT Staff performs. The statistics are to be monthly, and need only quantify number of items handled. The Statitics report will not measure Staff time spent for now.
I have some ideas on how to go about this. I just want to know if other readers of Tech Republic have forms or procedure on how to document statistics for an IT department of 12.
Any help will be appreciated.

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Select with care, review with regularity

by Oldefar In reply to Statistics for IT Departm ...

I have been in numerous IT organizations where senior management has asked for a generic set of statistics delivered monthly. The general life cycle tends to a department decision on what statistics can be delivered, to the monthly report, to a focus on the report, to where the reporting becomes more important than other aspects of work. Most of the reports contain no useful information, but do make pretty graphs and give the appearance of useful work.

The correct way to do the statistics is to first define what business objective is being supported. Next, define the business requirements to meet the objective(s). Document this. Now look at what statistics can be provided, and how it will be done. Document this as well. Now you are to the process and procedure aspect to get the report out. Establish a review process at least quarterly to confirm that the business objective and requirements have not changed.

Remember, the statistics being delivered have to provide value to the business or they are a waste of resources.

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