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Stay or Not to Stay?

By wblarkin ·
I am currently the sr. technician (I used to be the owner) in a small town computer store, don't see much in the way of raises, perks, etc.. - no health insurance, - that said - It does have it's benefits.. I pretty much run the place, and I have the freedom to do come and go as I please as long as I get my work in check - I have been at this for over a decade. Now.. I am in the process of getting an MCSE 2003, and I have a job offer that should give me twice what I make now, plus benefits. Sounds like a no brainer - right? - What about the freedom to come and go.. isn't this a valid arguement? I guess I have the jitters about it all.. The worst part.. I have to decide in the next day or so.

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Some things to think about

by ProtiusX In reply to Stay or Not to Stay?

I have never owned my own business but I have recently changed jobs. I think there are some things that people fail to look at when they are offered a position with a company. Firstly you may end up working under someone who makes Napoleon look like a nice guy. Secondly you may be bored out of your skull and that makes for some pretty interesting days.

If you haven't already met some of your future co-workers ask to meet with them if you can. If you do meet with them ask them about the "culture" of the working environment and if they had your choice to make would they come to work there. Ask them about your future boss and see if he/she is a tyrant or fair minded person.

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All I can say is your Nuts to stay

by SkipperUSN In reply to Stay or Not to Stay?

All I can say is your nuts if you want to stay - twice the pay and benefits - just because you can come and go as you wish. ?

How old are you - unless you are independly wealthy - I would jump at doubling my salary - with benefits - Totally a No Brainer - Unless you have no Brains .... B-)

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Think about it

by reonline In reply to Stay or Not to Stay?

It's difficult to leave any position, especially one that you have been in for the past 10 years. You have a certain sense of security.

However, since this new position is double your current salary and include benefits, I think you should go for it. If it doesn't work out, you could always go back and find a simliar job to what you had before at a simliar pay level.

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Your goals

by JamesRL In reply to Stay or Not to Stay?

You have to figure out whats important to you.

I would expect that with twice the pay it will be a much more demanding job, probably both time wise and intellectually.

I wouldn't discount the advantage of being comfortable. A bird in the hand.... If you are the type to be stressed in a stressful environment, better to not put yourself in that position.

If you can find out more about the company's culture, it might help you make an informed decision.


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