Stay with server tape backup technology or switch...

By dklauk ·
The tape backup device on a win2k server (with approx. 25 workstations) is mechanically not working. Should I replace the tape drive with a newer model or switch to a different/newer/faster backup technology? The tape backup was set up originally to do daily incremental and weekly full backups automatically.

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How much data

by XT John In reply to Stay with server tape bac ...

was being backed up, on average? Some will advise you, if the data was in a 'manageable' amount, say under 5 gig, you could probably save it onto a flash drive , or removanle hard drive. Alot depepnds on how secure the data needs to be, is it kept offsite? (I love seeing tapes just stacked right next to the server!) The cost to replace the tape drive versus the cost of an external drive. Personally, I sleep better at night knowing we have a good, healthy rotation of tapes, that we can restore our site to within a few hours, if needed, and we take off site daily copies of the most critical stuff. We had a server in the field that was backing up to an IDE drive, for simplicity and economic reasons, that crashed. It's not a pretty sight!

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good suggestions

by dklauk In reply to How much data

The amount of data is about 25GB - 30GB.

After mulling over the various issues and taking your suggestoins and thoguths into consideration I have decided that a tape bakup methodology is the best way to go.

My main reason in asking this question was to know if there is newer technology that is more efficient and cost-effective (all things considered) than tape.

Your points are well taken.


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