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By oteaka ·
I appreciate your article and wanted to share my comment. About eight
months ago, I began using high speed internet access through the @Home
service, which is through a cable modem. My only problem with the service
is that they never mentioned once the risks, security issues, and or threats
that would invade my system. Had I not taken my own security measures
ahead of time, I would have been burned within the first two hours of having
their service. I wondered how many other customers of theirs or other
broadband services are unaware of the potential problems that they could
encounter with using high speed internet access or have already felt the
effects of malicious attacks. I feel it is up to these new wave of internet
service providers to make their customers aware of these problems and help them to arm themselves. It is also our responsibility as users to protect
our property by staying abreast of current security issues.

In the beginning, I was furious over the amount of probes I get a day and
wanted to do something drastic to stop the eight to ten daily attacks, but
it is such a wide spread problem that it seems useless. I have now become
accustomed to the many probes each day, but am thankful that I am armed and
protected regardless of whether or not they can be stopped. I know others
who have learned the hard way, but hope that more and more will take the
advise of articles such as yours to be better informed and protect
themselves. We don't leave our homes without locking the doors and windows,
therefore we should treat our computers the same way. Don't give them away


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by Al Macintyre In reply to Staying Informed

I suggest you review many of the other Security threads here - as I said in my first post to the European e-com-sec (link identified under "Other Forums" of my "Computer Security Education" Thread), computer security is a matter of the Weakest Link in which there are numerous threats to our security & most providers of computer services could care less about their customer's security.

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@HOME Network

by netw3 In reply to Staying Informed

The SANS Institute's Global Incident Analysis Center (CIAG) frequently displays logged attempts from Intrusion Detection Systems and firewalls that originate from @home systems. Evidently a lot of scanning takes place there so be sure to secure yoursystem, at the least with some type of personal firewall sytem such as Norton Internet Security, BlackICE Defender, ZoneAlarm, or something in that vein. You also want to generally secure your system and not just rely on the application, to bring about proper "Defense in depth". When using defense in depth, an intruder would have to penetrate multiple layers of defense which makes an attack less likely to succeed.

It sounds like you've got things under control. It's too bad that the company did not mention this. If this is their standard policy then I'd guess people get their windows boxes blown up quite frequently.

Curt Wilson consulting

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