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    Staying staffed during the holidays


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    How does your organization handle vacation requests during the holidays? Is there a policy in place to avoid being short-staffed? Share your comments about staying staffed during the holidays, as discussed in the Dec. 23 Disaster Recovery e-newsletter.

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      Staying staffed during the holidays

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      Our policy included a ninety day probation to be eligble for holiday pay. It was twofold.

      Once qualified you could request time off at least 30 days before, exceptions were made for emergencies, since Nursing homes need 24 hour staffing all year round.

      Or If you were scheduled to work and were not off you were paid time and a half.

      Scheduling however was to eleimante as much overtime as possible. This meant if there was an employee that did not have the required 90 days they would be scheduled first, then rotate qualified 90 day employees.

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