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I recieved a free product key from a computer that was purchased, it says to download the game from steam and activate the game with the product key. however it wants me to purchase the game first.

I just need the game so i can activate it, how do i do this

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it wants me to purchase the game first. " that's your answer"

by CG IT In reply to steam
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by SystemCheck In reply to it wants me to purchase t ...

whats the point of recieving a free product key for a game if you still have to buy the games thats bs

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Welcome to the world of advertising

by LocoLobo In reply to so

"Free" stuff is usually bs. Usually not even worth what you "paid" for it. Consider it experience.

You could try complaining to the people who gave you the "free" product key.

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Try this

by JamesRL In reply to steam

Is there a demo for the game available on Steam? There may be a way to put the product key onto the demo, and have Steam download the rest.


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by SystemCheck In reply to Try this

i'll take a look in about 3 hours when i get home and give that a shot, me just trying to get stormrise

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try buying the game through steam

by wolfie152 In reply to steam

try buying the game through steam because it is usually alot cheaperthan buying from the shops

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call support

by Snuffy09 In reply to steam

tell them your story

they should hook you up

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Not in the Store

by Kingbackwards In reply to steam

Try looking under the "Game" menu.

There is a "Activate Product on Steam..." option. It then prompts you to type in your product key. That allows you to import non-steam game purchases using their key to be activated within your steam account.

Then given that it works, it will either present you with the installer options or will add the game to the "My games" tab so that you can download and install it.

Check their help pages here:

It has a list of some supported products and may point you in the right direction if you have more questions

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