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Step-by-Step of Linux/windows on one HDD

By amdanny30 ·
Can someone give me a step-by-step procedure on how to install Linx and window on the same hard drive and choose the OS when the system is booting up. If this is diferent from installing the two on two diferent HDDs (master and slave), I would love to know.

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by cpfeiffe In reply to Step-by-Step of Linux/win ...

1) Use fdisk to create two partitions on the hard drive. The first is for Windows and the second is for linux. You whould allow at least 6 GB for linux (if you plan to install everything and want a decent swap file) and at least 3 GB for Windows (if the same is true). You could adjust if you want most of your data on one or just fill out the rest of the space equally.

2) Install Windows (on the first partition).

3) Install linux (make sure when linux asks you to set up partitions you do it manually). Choose the second partition (the first is windows) and divide it into your linux file systems. I would suggest /boot = 100 MB, swap = 1.5 X RAM and / = remaining space. Make sure to add these partitions within the second main partition

4) Force LBA32 (that may not be right, but you'll recognize the option when you see it.) Use advanced boot loader configuration to add the Windows partition as bootable.

5) finish installing linux. Your machine will reboot to windows. shut it down and use fdisk to set the active partition to the second partition (/boot under linux).

6) reboot and a boot loader will come up giving you the option to boot linux or windows.

If you have any questions feel free to email my alias.

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by whewitt In reply to Step-by-Step of Linux/win ...

Go to the following website "" and look for Documentation. Under Doc you can choose which verision of Linux you have. Then click on the go button. Choose Installation Guide and read it or print it. It will tell you step by step how to install. Hope this helps.

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by radsky In reply to Step-by-Step of Linux/win ...

If Windows is already installed, it is advisable to do a thorough defragmentation of the harddrive to compact the Windows to one end of the C: partition Then take a look at the C: partition and see how many bytes the Windows installation is. If Windows is not currently installed, install it first, then do the defragmentation.

Using your best guess, determine how much more available space you'll need for future expansion of Windows.

Now you can do fdisk and set the C: partition to include the existing Windows and anticipated additional space.

Now, do the fdisk routine to set the sizes of the C: partition and the spaces you'll likely need for Linux. For a Linux beginner, figure on about 250 Megabytes for a swap partition and about 4 Gigabytes for the / partition. You don't need additional partitions at this time.

I don't know of any Linux system that doesn't have it's own partitioner so you could omit the fdisk operation if you wish. In fact, it may be the better way to do it.

Some Linux systems use a floppy to start the installation, others start directly off a CD.

Linux installations vary from one version to another so the only thing is go ahead and do it. If you make a mistake, just start over.

Be sure that you make a boot floppy when the opportunity comes up during the installation and I recommend choosing GRUB over LILO booter if you have that option.

You didn't specify which Linux system you intend to use. I highly recommend KNOPPIX which can be run directly off the CD and which gives you the option to use it without actually installing. If you like it, you can then install it on the hard drive. Instructions are available off the net. Just google search for Knoppix.

Good luck


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by kieuminhvn In reply to Step-by-Step of Linux/win ...

Hello !

Installing Linux and Windows on the same HDD is easy and convenient for use. It is not necessary to install them onto 2 HDD. I would like to suggest the following steps for installing them onto your 1 HDD :

1. First you install your Windows onto C:
2. Please intstall partition Magic 8.1 for partitioning your HDD later.
3. using your newly installed Partition Magic to make new partitions from the remaining space of your hard disk, it is very easy. But at this step you may choose how many partitions you need to create. I suggest to make one expanded Partition and from this expanded partition you make other 3 partitions : 1 with fat32 file system for storing data both used by Windows and Linux; 1 with ext2 Linux native file system of about 5 Gb; 1 with swap file system for linux of about the same size of your RAM.
4. There are many Linux Distributions you may choose but I suggest to try Mandrake 9.1 for installing to your HDD because it is quite good and easy to install. You just insert installation disk to your CD drive and follow the instruction on the screen. But at this step you need to understand what you are doing I mean you need to know that with the above steps you have partition name /dev/hda1 as your C: in windows ; /dev/hda5 as drive supposed this is fat32 partition ; /dev/hda6 is Linux native ext2 and /dev/hda7 is your swap partition. So you know to select partition for / when asked to do so. In your case that will be /dev/hda6. If you do it correctly then everything will be OK. When you asked for booting from floppy better you choose no and choose boot from HDD . Then Mandrake 9.1 installation program will install LILO ( Linux Loader) and after rebooting your system you will have LILO boot menu for choosing which OS to boot.

Other possibility is to download Linux CD image from KNOPPIX or from for trial use of Linux on CD before installing it to your system.

Good Luck !

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