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steps for troublesooting

By musijosh ·
what are the correct and most likely steps for trouble shooting?----Thanks for your help!

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by bckurd In reply to steps for troublesooting

The troubleshooting what? It is very broad I wish you could narrow it for a bit. However, the mainly you should have to:

1. Clarify the tasks (RoadMap)
2. List out unexpected problems which possible could occur
3. create the essentail tasks for these problems
4. intervent the problems with the created tasks

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by dmiles In reply to steps for troublesooting

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to steps for troublesooting

Pay someone to teach me what is required

If you are willing to spend the time and effort with the possibility of no result you can always start off with the Ultimate Boot CD available at

or if you are not even seeing a POST screen you can download the Beep Codes from the BIOS makers Web Site or the white paper available here at TR. It's called something like Beep Code Error Messages.

From this point on it's going to start to cost you money as you'll need some tools even a basic Power Supply Tester which is relatively cheap will be required and you'll need to step up from that point on depending on what it is that you want to do and the tools range from a Digital Multi Meter to a multi trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

You'll also require a magnifying light to examine M'Boards closely as well as other components and the list just grows from there.

If you want a more detailed response you'll need to post something with more information as to what you are facing so you can be given the correct advice on how to proceed.


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by wcp In reply to steps for troublesooting

The steps below are pretty much what I follow when I do a troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Process

1. Identify and describe the problem(s).
2. List symptoms.
3. List probable causes.
4. List actions to take.
5. Go thru each action until the problem gets resolved.
6. Verify the result.

The following is just an example and by no means had I covered every detail.

1. Problem - I cannot connect to Internet any more.

2. Symptom ? Gets a message ?This page cannot be displayed?

3. Probable causes ? HW (NIC malfunction), SW (NIC driver not installed or corrupted), Spyware/Virus, Windows (corrupted)

4. HW ? check if NIC is loose. Check if NIC is bad. Check if PCI slot is bad.
SW or driver ? check if a yellow mark in device manager. Check if driver is corrupted.
Spyware/Virus ? Run antispyware
Windows ? Run SFC. Run WinsockFix. Reinstall Windows. Clean install Windows.

5. Take appropriate action on above steps until Internet connection is established.
The main thing here is I do in the order of convenience not that of suspect.

6. Reboot the computer a few times and make sure there?s no Internet problem.

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by wcp In reply to

If the problem still persists, go back to step 2 and search MS KB or google if there?s any similar problem got posted and resolved.

This should be done before reinstalling or clean installing Windows.

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by kevinmsmith22 In reply to steps for troublesooting

But without a live internet connection, this won't be possible


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