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    Steps on how to partition a hard drive?


    by inxs_88 ·

    Can somebody give me the steps on how to partion a hard drive?

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      re: Partition

      by paul ·

      In reply to Steps on how to partition a hard drive?

      If it is a new drive then you will need a boot disk and also a lot depends on the operating system you are installing. If it is windows 95 or 98 then you can use a fat 16 or 32 file system. If you are using windows nt then you can use fat 16 or ntfsfile systems and windows 2000 supports fat 16,32 and ntfs.If you don’t have a boot disk you can make one from any windows 95 or 98 computer go to control panel add remove programs to create the startup disk.
      Insert the disk and boot the pc.

      type fdisk will be asked if you want to enable large disk support say yes if the disk is over 2gb.
      you will see a menu with 4 options, 5 options if you have more than one hard drive in the pc. Be very careful when using fdisk if you have 2 hard disks you don’t want to delete and parts on the wrong disk
      create a primary dos part first and follow the steps. If you can’t use fat 32 then you will be better off to say no to point 1 above and after you have created the primary partition the you must create an extended partition.
      press esc and reboot the pc and them format your hard disk and that is it….

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