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Steve Irwin

By onbliss ·
It was little sad to hear the news that Steve Irwin died after being speared in the chest by a Sting Ray's barbed tail.

I am not a regular watcher of his TV shows and neither a fan of his, but I have been impressed with his energy and enthusiasm.

His fans sure would miss him.

He almost seemed immortal :-(

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Less impressed

by JamesRL In reply to Steve Irwin

When I saw the footage of him holding his baby in one arm and feeding a croc with another. This wasn't over a fence or anything - this was on bare ground. I saw a clip of him defending himself - saying he is a total professional etc.

This is hubris and bad judgement and frankly exploitive. Does anyone not think he did it for publicity? What reason is there to have a baby within a few feet of a hungry croc?

I am sad to see anyone die. The news report I saw said it was the first death from Sting Ray in Australia in 60 Years.

But don't you have to wonder, Steve had been so lucky for so long, was he "due" to run out?

I am not suggesting he wasn't skilled - clearly to handle thousands of deadly snakes and hundreds of crocs up close, you have to be skilled. But even those with skill sometimes run afoul of fate. Roy Horn raised a tiger from a cub, and it still attacked him. The more death defying things you do, the more likely you are to facing an untimely end.


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People do weird things....

by onbliss In reply to Less impressed

...that feeding of the croc was one such act of Steve's. Putting one in harm's way is one thing, and putting a baby is another.

So your impression on him, was it moulded by that one act of his or were you just less impressed with him in general?

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It sounds like

by jdclyde In reply to People do weird things... ...

it only took that one incredibly selfish and stupid act to show James exactly what kind of man Irwin was, and he didn't like what he saw.

Just a guess.

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by onbliss In reply to It sounds like

...don't many hunters take their kids along for hunting wild animals?

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not like that

by jdclyde In reply to But...

A hunter first of all would not place themselves in such peril in the first place. Safety Safety Safety.

Second, no hunter would HOLD their child while in a dangerous situation.

He has more in common with M Jackson than he does with a valid hunter. (hanging the baby over the rail, remember?)

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by onbliss In reply to not like that

..I remember Jackson's episode.
Is'nt Safety a relative thing? What would appear to be safe to you, would not appear safe to me (a non-hunter). You see my point.

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two rules of safety

by jdclyde In reply to Yup

NEVER point a loaded weapon at anyone you are not planning on shooting (for self defense).

ASSUME EVERY weapon is loaded, all the time.


If you remember those two simple rules, hunting is safer than driving down the highway.

As for prey, if you are hunting something dangerous or there are dangerous animals in the area you are hunting, you are never alone, and you have at least one person with a heavy firearm ready at all times looking for nothing but defense against the dangerous animals.

People that go bear hunting for example, have someone with them with a heavy rifle, just in case.

A safe walk in the woods. Just know and respect the woods.

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by onbliss In reply to Yup

Well I am not a hunter nor a Croc expert, so I will listen to what you folks say.

But I know one thing, it is always wise to practice caution with an hungry animal around, especially with a croc :-)

When I was a young boy, we had just got a new pet - German Sheperd, and I remember it kind of growling and scratching me when my dad was feeding him. It must have considered me as a competition when I went near his food. Both the dog and me were young.

edited: sentence structure

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I'd be

by maecuff In reply to Yup

more worried about the OTHER hunters in the woods who don't understand the two rules.. Or the ones who do, but who have had waaay too many beers to be walking around with a loaded gun.

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Mae and rule #3

by jdclyde In reply to Yup

Assume each and everyone that is in the woods is a complete moron and avoid them like the they have wolfpeople02 personality. At all costs.

Far fewer people get hurt from "friendly fire" than people that "didn't know the gun was loaded".

Two guys are out hunting, and one accidentily gets shot. The second guy bundles him up, and gets him to the hospital.

The doctor comes out of he operating room, so the man runs up and says "Well Doc, is he going to make it?"

The Doctor looks at him and replys, "I could have saved him if you hadn't gutted him".

Sorry, old joke. Bad joke. old bad joke.

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