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Sticking Mouse Pointer

By Blackcurrant ·

I have a machine with GB's of free space, Win95 OSR2, 64MB RAM and all the correct drivers installed.

My problem is that the mouse pointer sticks near the centre of the screen. The mouse (serial, connected to COM1), has had this problem intermittently, but now the problem seems to be here to stay!

I have tried the following to correct this:

1. Reduced the hardware acceleration in System applet in Control Panel
2. Swapped mice - same problem with different serial mice occurs
3. Updated the driver - have tried all the Microsoft serial mouse drivers
4. Contacted the manufacturer for a specific driver - was told that no drivers are required
5. Tried connecting the mouse to COM2 and installed the COM2 mouse driver

When Istart in Safe Mode the mouse pointer works fine. I created a Test hardware profile and removed, one by one and rebooting between, the modem, digitising tablet, etc with no joy. The CPU temperature is a steady 45-55 degrees (apparently an overheated CPU can cause this problem). Also, it doesn't matter if the computer is switched on after being left off overnight - the problem persists.

What is happening? Any serial mouse I connect has the same problem, whether it is connected to COM1 or COM2,and regardless of which driver I install. The fact that it works in Safe Mode suggests that a device driver is causing a problem, but the configuration of this machine has not changed in over a year, so why would the (any) mouse stop functioning properly in such an erratic manner? Is this a symptom of an impending mass hardware failure?

Any help any one can give me will be appreciated.

Thank you

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Sticking Mouse Pointer

by mdelyea In reply to Sticking Mouse Pointer

Is your mouse actually the pointer for your digitizer tablet? Is your tablet an older Summasketch? If you answered yes to these questions then bone up on your keyboard navigation skills and run the setup program for your tablet. There are 2 or 3 different modes for communication between the pointer and the tablet, only one will work with windows9x very well (I forget which one). Make a change to the communication mode and reboot the computer. If it doesn't work, try another mode. Also trygoing to the web site of the tablet's manufacturer and downloading the latest driver for your tablet. I have seen this problem with older Summasketch tablets and have resolved it by changing communication modes and updating drivers. Good Luck!

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Sticking Mouse Pointer

by Blackcurrant In reply to Sticking Mouse Pointer

Thanks for answering. I had noticed that my Windows mouse seemed to be interchangeable with the puk when the digidtsing tablet was switched on. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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Sticking Mouse Pointer

by Blackcurrant In reply to Sticking Mouse Pointer

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