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Still not much of a genius there, SubgeniusD...

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OK Cold Warrior

by SubgeniusD In reply to Still not much of a geniu ...

I'll bet you've had lots of arguments with Hypno. Arguing is clearly one of your hobbies (and you're good at it btw).

You're correct, I don't know Hypno at all. I was referring to a specific statement from a single thread post not (intentionally) jumping into the middle of some long-standing argument.

I don't usually .... in fact I never bother arguing with Cold Warriors still stuck in that contrived left-right paradigm. There's no point. If I don't toe the line and adopt their simplistic, antagonistic mindset then I'm obviously from the enemy camp.

It's all about us against them. That tiresome Perpetual Victim Society with it's many feuding branches. You know - "Everything's wrong and it's all their fault".

"If you can't detect the liberalism which is prevalent in the mainstream media" - well you got me there. I could care less what Corporate Media Gatekeepers are spoonfeeding their apathetic audiences.

The ever-declining viewership of Corporate news programming corresponds to it's dwindling influence - esp among web-savvy netizens (like myself). We watch very little TV and get most of our info and entertainment from online sources.

Casting the "liberal media" as the Great Satan of America only serves to empower it. But I suppose it's more fun to contend with a powerful ideological foe then the reality of a bunch of greedy corporate hypocrites.

I hate to break the news to you but the Corporate Media all works for Wall Street. They only present what they hope will drive ad revenues. Politically Right/Left/Unaligned - they're all just working their target markets.

BTW - My reason for jumping into this thread was to defend the integrity of Tech Republic as a solid, useful source of IT information. Not to spin off into pointless political tangents.

I would have the same issue with a member of the Democratic Underground claiming TR had a right-wing bias simply because it was (hypothetically) a subsidiary of Newscorp.

End of argument. I admire someone who stands up for their principles even if I consider their focus misdirected, "tilting at windmills" so to speak. You're welcome to the last word.

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