Stop 77 and 7A errors

By nuggs187 ·
I just built this PC around October of last year. About about a month after it was built I started getting these errors,
STOP: 0x00000077 and 7A, which would sometimes, but not always, say; mountmgr.sys F7611000 7760c000 41107b05, or; ntfs.sys F73a40b7 Base @F7376000 Datestamp @41107eea.

The HD I bought also was junk. It was supposed to be 320gb and was only reading as 130gb or so. I was also running a hacked copy of XP. to date though, I have replaced the HD (same one, works this time) and a new, and legal copy of XP. I thought doing these ^ would fix the problem, but no, started crashing again a few days later (4-5 weeks ago).

I wish I could give you guys more info on the crashes but I cant seem to find out where to get the Error Reports.
So here is links my pc specs**03631

Any help would be greatly appretiated. and, if there is anything else you need to know, please lemme know.

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A link and advice

by w2ktechman In reply to Stop 77 and 7A errors -- look up stop errors here. Use the search with differant parts of your stop message.

A BSOD as more than just a stop error acode, it also usually has more to it.

77 and 7A appear to be a bad HDD, cable, or interface.
Since it happens on 2 drives, I would replace the cable first, if not that, run diags on the MB.
Also try a known good HDD.

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Thanks to w2k.

by nuggs187 In reply to A link and advice

yea i replaced the HD once already, and I read alot of reviews most of which were good on this exact HD. thanks though, will have to run a diag on my MB.

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