Stop Downloading files

By doubledeckker-online ·
How do I prevent users from downloading executable files from the internet
We are running windows server 2000 and windows xp machines.

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A few points

by Kiltie In reply to Stop Downloading files

Why should you want to? I can guess but please explain?

Group policy can control much of what you want, but what is your organisation? How many users? To repeat, for what reason do you want to restrict users?

Even if you can get to stop users from running exe files, there are many ways around that restriction, so it all boils down to why?

Maybe user education is needed?
For instance, if your goal is to stop users from running games, then a corporate policy, with monitoring, should cover that.

So to sum up, what are your circumstances that dictate the apparent need?

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Stop Users from Downloading Software

by maggie In reply to A few points

Hi there,

I'm running 7 indiviual PC with XP, and we are having a problem with employees playuing games and being on IM. I have uninstalled them but they keep downloading more games or IM. How can I block them from doing this.
Please help me out

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by retro77 In reply to Stop Users from Downloadi ...

You should create a new thread for this rather than grabbing one that is a year old.

What you want to do is install some internet filtering software. This will allow you to control who does what. Just block the games sites.

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Active Directory?

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Stop Downloading files

Are you running an Active directory domain? If so it can easily be done through group policy. You can set up software restriction policies in many ways. This Technet article should give you some suggestions

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