Stop Error 0x0000007E

By a.stray ·
Blue Screen of Death stop error code
0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x8050F6AA, 0xF898EA50, 0xF898E74C)

Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete.

Auto restarts before I can access anything. Balloon states new hardware primary IDE found. Then shuts down and gives Blue Screen.

Windows XP emachine C2685 Award Bios

Any help would be appreciated!


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Enter your BIOS & disable auto restart on system failure

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Stop Error 0x0000007E

Power down, switch on and immediately after the initial splash screen/POST screen tap whatever key accesses your BIOS.

Your computer screen should tell you the correct key in the bottom left hand corner on power-up.

Navigate to the BIOS option for 'Auto restart on system failure' and uncheck it.

Navigate to 'Save & Exit'.

The next time the BSOD occurs it will stop and you can read the details of your error.

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Can't find Auto restart on system failure option

by a.stray In reply to Enter your BIOS & disable ...

Main page choices
Primary Master
Primary Slave
Secondary Master
Secondary Slave

the rest is in grey,...next page

Plug and Play OS
Reset Configuration Data
Onboard Video Memory
Local Bus IDE Adapter
Onboard Lan Boot Rom
Set Supervisor Password
Onboard Device Configuration
I/O device Configuration
Hardware Monitor

next page...

After AC Power Failure

next page...
Boot-time Diagnostics Screen
Boot Device priority

next page...
Exit Saving Changes
Exit dicarding Changes
Load Setup Default
Discard Changes
Save Changes

I'm I missing something? Thanks for your help


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Reponse To Answer

by gksrivastava.india In reply to Enter your BIOS & disable ...

The 0x0000007e error is without doubt one of the most painful Windows errors that your Windows program can get.The 0x0000007e error is a kind of 'blue screen' error, which typically restarts your machine randomly, and it will eventually offer you a message and also details on the famed blue ....


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If problem presist .....

by internetspider In reply to Stop Error 0x0000007E

if your hdd is bad you will face this problem, if your ram is bad also, also if there is problem in mother board.,

But delete and re part your HDD and install fresh windows, if you have two slots of RAM i mean two RAMs, remove one of them and check, if same remove other then check.


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Do you mean reformat

by a.stray In reply to If problem presist .....

Should I just reformat or change something in Ghost to re part HDD?


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RE: Stop Error 0x0000007E

by Jacky Howe In reply to Stop Error 0x0000007E

Here is a link that explains the problem.

In your last post you mention reformatting and Ghost. Are you using an image on the emachine? If so was the image created on the emachine? If not that is the problem.

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Thanks your the best!

by a.stray In reply to RE: Stop Error 0x0000007E

Thanks for all the help! Followed your advice and I'm back up and running, even fixed a couple other problems in the process!

Thanks again!


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