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Stop Exploring: Consider browser alternatives

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Does your organization currently use Internet Explorer? Would you consider disabling IE and using another browser to boost security? Why or why not? Share your comments about disabling IE in your organization, as discussed in the Aug. 13 Security Solutions e-newsletter.

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Already in the process of moving to Firefox

by Quiet_Type In reply to Stop Exploring: Consider ...

About a month ago, I decided to move users to Firefox as quickly as possible, and have already done that on over half of our 170 computers. A few departments use software that requires IE to work properly, so IE cannot be disabled on their systems, but for many users this is not an issue. No complaints so far.

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also switching...

by sctang73 In reply to Already in the process of ...

but to Mozilla's Gecko v1.72/ Netscape v7.2 - Can't install FireFox yet as it is a beta product. Management frowns on anyoneother than IT using beta products... still, it is an improvement over IE anyday

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We moved over one month ago.

by tstaight In reply to Stop Exploring: Consider ...

We chose Mozilla because it offered the best level of security and compatibility for our users. We used Internet logs to find the top sites visited by our users. Those sites were then tested on a group of alternate browsers for compatibility. The winner, Mozilla was then deployed for two weeks to some of our power users (to see if they could live with it). Security logs were also reviewed on the Mozilla stations in detail. After the trial none of the Mozilla work stations showed any Mal-ware or Spy ware. The results were very positive and the product was deployed to all Internet clients.

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M. Mullins remains an excellent resource...

by lost in space... In reply to Stop Exploring: Consider ...

Once again, very helpful.

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Yahoo! mail and non-IE browsers

by Flash00 In reply to M. Mullins remains an exc ...

I've tried both Mozilla (Firefox) and Conqueror browsers and found them acceptable replacements for IE except for one thing: the html features in Yahoo! mail composer are only available in IE. I know that many old school purists won't consider their loss to be anything to cry about, but I like those features. Wah.

The sociopathic vandals responsible for this annoyance find their only joy in destruction. They should be pitied, and I find it hard not to hate them as well.

Still it's not a complete waste. Diversity is a good thing, even in browsers.

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by arleenw In reply to Yahoo! mail and non-IE br ...

Send Yahoo an email letting them know your annoyed. I did. They should be designing for standards, not MS.

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by saphil In reply to

I think Yahoo must be using activeX controls to make their HTML GUI work. Try crazyBrowser or Opera. I think..... they are based on an IE codebase, and Yahoo might work on them.

Does that mean that they are open to the same problems that IE is? Maybe, but maybe not.

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Yahoo! does use ActiveX controls

by yeoman In reply to

I set IE to prompt if ActiveX is used on a page and Yahoo! does require it.

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It ask for everything

by dmcgary In reply to Yahoo! does use ActiveX c ...

I have it set, and event this page asked! It is the flash in the adds that set it off, html editor works even if I say no. I think it is the editable div extention in IE. btw Opera is not related but slimbrowser is. The last Opera I have does not follow the css2 standards. Does it have xhtml and xml dom support?

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et al BillyG

by ketan In reply to Yahoo! mail and non-IE br ...

And those that choose to code insecurely, and drag their feet to come up with a fix, what of them? Pity? Their consistency in selling alpha code as finished product is only surpassed by their vaporware.

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