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    by charliespencer ·

    I’ve given up on seeing any reversion to the old forum format. The new format sucks compared to the old one, for reasons we’ve all expressed repeatedly, but the PTBs have won. They’ve worn me down with their unresponsiveness. After six months, I’m done bashing my head on the wall. I’ve decided to put up with it in exchange for the community interaction, however noticeably reduced that’s become.

    But my sense of community is much weaker than it was before the overhaul. For me, it’s declined to the point where as of today, I’m officially done spam hunting. I no longer care what newcomers may think when they see a spam as the new post to every other discussion. I don’t care what people think of TR when they see a damned spammer staying on the ‘Power Users’ list for weeks after the PTBs are notified. I don’t care because it doesn’t feel like ‘my’ site anymore. It’s become too difficult to track the spam down, especially having to load second or subsequent pages to get to the porky posts, being unable to see more than four previous posts, etc. The current discussion format is so poor that removing a few cans of ham from the cluttered-up corners isn’t going to make much of an improvement.

    I encourage others to do the same. STOP FLAGGING SPAM. Let those that think this is a good forum layout clean it up for themselves.

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      You have been reading Lao Tzu

      by santeewelding ·

      In reply to STOP FLAGGING SPAM.

      Doing not doing.

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      Well, I would give you a "thumbs up",

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to STOP FLAGGING SPAM.

      but since there isn’t one, I gave you a “+” vote. I haven’t been marking spam in some time
      now myself, just gave up I guess.

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      Pally while I certainly agree with your sediments

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to STOP FLAGGING SPAM.

      Sometimes flagging spam is the only thing to do here now after the redesign.

      Yes I know the Statistics say that the site traffic is higher but lets be real now if you post 30 posts to the Disgusting Threads you get listed as a High Poster to TR in the Community Scoreboard. Sort of makes things look a bit different to the time when people used to post hundreds of comments a week doesn’t it?

      But as you know they say [b]there are Lies, Bloody Lies and then there are Statistics.[/b]

      I just question the claim that Site Traffic has increased and wonder how they measure this now. Seems that having Fiends on Face Book and Twits on Teeper is more important to TR than actual site usage now. 😉

      Only took me 3 days to find this again after I first saw it. Even Google isn’t much good when you don’t know the title of the discussion. 🙁


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        Reponse To Answer

        by pfeiffep ·

        In reply to Pally while I certainly agree with your sediments

        Freudian slip????? or really the bottom?

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          by santeewelding ·

          In reply to Reponse To Answer

          Is the Cheshire Cat of spelling. Don’t trust him any farther than you think you can throw the grinning beast.

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          Excellent comparison…

          by ansugisalas ·

          In reply to HAL

          I noticed a long time ago that HAL can’t seem to make an honest mistake 😉
          Couldn’t figure out how to describe the impression it gave though. Cheshire cat is certainly in the target zone… :p 😀

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        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to Pally while I certainly agree with your sediments

        I had a pet rock once; a piece of sandstone. It ran away, and sometimes I still feel sedimental about it.

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          No one

          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to Sediments.

          quite like you, Palmetto. :^0

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          I thought I saw a rainbow,

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to No one

          but it was a pigment of my imagination.

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          I thot

          by pfeiffep ·

          In reply to I thought I saw a rainbow,

          I saw a puddy cat

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          Where did you learn to spell, cretin?

          by santeewelding ·

          In reply to I thot

          It’s “taw”; vice, “saw”.

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          if we’re going to be picky,

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Where did you learn to spell, cretin?

          it’s ‘puddy tat’.

          “I did! I did! I did taw a puddy tat!”

          I lose more puddy tats that way.

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          by pfeiffep ·

          In reply to Where did you learn to spell, cretin?

          you certainly can be a bucket of cold water on a fun conversation.
          I suppose that I am somewhat at a loss as to the *correct* mispellings of popular cartoon sayings …. and for that I humbly apologize to your sensitive nature. -;)

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      The punctilious

      by santeewelding ·

      In reply to STOP FLAGGING SPAM.

      Would have tagged each word separately, not the spaces, too.

      You got no punctiliousity.

      Remember: I follow you in all things.

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      by jck ·

      In reply to STOP FLAGGING SPAM.

      I stopped long ago.

      I figured that if they wanted things to work this way (a way that a lot of 5+ year users actually protested), then they didn’t value their loyal user base anymore.

      Just like the stopping TROLOV. That was something nice to do every Friday that was a relaxer and cool. But, I guess it didn’t “fit” with budget or something…or someone’s new ideas.

      I remember when Sirius satellite radio made programming changes. I told a director of programming for part of their content that the changes made it feel less personal, and made it feel cheap, and was not as entertaining. He didn’t listen, and now they have a bunch of stupid shows they rotate that from my understanding get low call volume (that’s one metric of how they rate their programming) even though they are live, interactive shows.

      Anyways…I have given up on being a free adviser to businesses. My loyalty has worn out in trying to be a good citizen and do good for content providers, and I now just enjoy what is there that I can paruse. And otherwise, I just do with what is available.

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      My visits are less frequent now…

      by cmiller5400 ·

      In reply to STOP FLAGGING SPAM.

      As for SPAM, who cares. I don’t read it.

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