Stop loading Windows user profile

By dziubas64 ·

1. Anybody know how to stop roaming user profile from loading?
2. Anybody know how to stop roaming user profile to be uploaded to the server?

I have a roaming profile set, so I can work using any PC. From time to time, however, I want to log in into a PC, and not load my roaming profile, I just want a default one. Haw can I stop loading roaming profile when login in into a domain? So far I log in with a separate account with no roaming profile set.

Also from time to time, I want to log off from a PC without roaming profile being uploaded to the server. Usually if I have to do this, I simply disconnect the PC from the network, but it has to be a better way.

I tried to do research on the net, and found heaps of information, but nothing to answer the particular questions.


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Sounds like.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Stop loading Windows user ...

you want to have your cake and eat it too. Either you have a roaming profile or you don't. It's not a "use it when it suits my fancy" sort of thing. I guess you're stuck with two separate profiles... one roaming, one not.

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