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    STOP sending our jobs overseas…


    by stanfordc77 ·

    Okay, I believe it’s time for the IT world to wake up! Seems the future of a lot of white collar jobs look, rather, bleak. IT, Services, software engineering, coding… you name it. Corporate CEO’s are sending jobs overseas, padding their wallets, and twisting the knife in our backs. How can we turn this bus to IndiChina hell around? Write your government officials! That’s at least a start. I know, some of them are on the same wagon as the corporations that are giving our jobs away, but we must start somewhere.
    After reading a lot of post/comments on boards such as Yahoo, it seems what we need is a voice on the Hill. Every big industry/group has lobbyist. Maybe it’s time for the IT industry to have a few lobbyist to voice our anger and concern. I for one, enjoy what I do, and want to keep my IT job. I will NOT be forced to train some IndiChina jackass working outside the U.S. to do my job, only to end up in the unemployment line or flipping burgers. I would rather walk out the door and sell cars. This is becoming a serious issue that we all need to deal with, if you want to keep your jobs and give your kids a future.

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      Agree 100%

      by mrbill- ·

      In reply to STOP sending our jobs overseas…

      Unfortunatly $$ mean more than people to the big corps.

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        add there’s more

        by lumberjack ·

        In reply to Agree 100%

        This is an issue not just in the US but also here in blighty!

        some of our biggest corporate call centres have moved to the third world. Their technical ability seems no worse than some of the helpdeskstaff I have talked to in the UK. But my hearing is not the best and I do find it difficult to understand a lot of foreign accents.

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      Speak out against offshore outsourcing.

      by ford797 ·

      In reply to STOP sending our jobs overseas…

      By 2015 a total of 3.3 million U.S. jobs and $136 billion in wages will transfer offshore to countries such as India, Russia, China and the Philippines, according to Forrester.

      That IT work is headed offshore is confirmed by a November report from Forrester Research, which estimated that the number of computer jobs moving overseas will grow from 27,171 in 2000 to a cumulative total of 472,632 by 2015. Forrester researchers predict that other services–including call center services and back-office accounting– will follow IT operations in moving abroad…. Are we (IT) going to just set by and let this happen??? It’s time to get LOUD!

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        Have a seat

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to Speak out against offshore outsourcing.

        First of all you say “That IT work is headed offshore is confirmed by a November report from Forrester Research, which estimated that the number of computer jobs moving overseas will grow from 27,171 in 2000 to a cumulative total of 472,632 by 2015” Is it confirmed or estimated?
        This is completely unpredictable, as is the dollar value and whether or not America is even America in 2015. Who knows, it’s too far away.

        As for standing up and speaking out loud, just don’t make noise while I’m sleeping.

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      You’r a little late with this one

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to STOP sending our jobs overseas…

      Oldfar has already got a topic running that asks “Should the IT industry form a Union” I’m sure that you’ll find a lot more input there rather than trying to reinvent the wheel again.

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      you’re very late

      by john_wills ·

      In reply to STOP sending our jobs overseas…

      This is Global Exchange’s policy, the kind of policy that turned the Wall Street Crash into the Great Depression; the kind that currently means catfish, sugar, textiles and steel are all more expensive than they could be in the U.S. – and, be it noted, the higher cost of steel is reducing the number of jobs among steel-using firms.

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      Welcome to the Global Economy

      by thechas ·

      In reply to STOP sending our jobs overseas…

      Like it or not, nearly ANY job is subject to being out-sourced to an off-shore company.

      Blame free-trade, low profits, and corporate greed.

      It started with manufacturing jobs in the 70’s.

      Microsoft and other PC related companies started out-sourcing their help desks in the 90’s.

      Now, firms are starting to out-source accounting and other “white-collar” tasks.

      A few of the candidates for Governor in California are suggest that most government services can be out-sourced.

      Where will it end?

      I don’t know for sure.
      My gloomiest outlook has jobs in the US limited to:


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        Perhapse you’ll end up like everyone else

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to Welcome to the Global Economy

        I know it is a little disconcerting to see your industry falling apart but we are all taught to have something to fall back on, just in case, id you weren’t, thank a teaccher for the misguidance.

        As I’ve said before, in Europe, this has been a fcat of life for generations. When I was a kid, my father was CERTIFIED as a Boiler Maker, Bricklayer (mason), machinist, boat builder AND civil Engineer. In England, your apprenticeship start at 15 while still in school, unbderstanding the need for trades people, even the computer industry needs them for manufacturing and design.

        When I moved to Canada, I was amazed at how laid back people were, nobody was in a rush to graduate and get into the world but seemed content to do nothing until 19 and THEN start finding work, moving away from home etc.

        Times WILL change, as they always do. Just don’t be caught with your pants down saying, “I only know IT, can you teach me Hindi so I can get a job?”

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      The Ship has sailed and your standing on the docks

      by jimhm ·

      In reply to STOP sending our jobs overseas…

      That ship has sailed and is out of site of land and your standing on the Dock. (Not a flame – bro/sis) .. Just the cold honest truth.

      Offshore outsourcing is the next job killer in America and Canada – It will be another foriegn Steel import – to the economy. Companies have seen the advantage – to it – Half the cost of bringing B’s or C’s – here, 1/3 the cost of doing it in-house.

      Plus – these outfits do the “Global” development – they may start with developers in Poland – when there day is finished – the next group that gets the development is say Mexico – then 8 or 9 hours later – it’s the Eastern sea board of Russia.. get 24 hours of development per day..

      Anit nothing going to stop that stone – the Greed of Corporate America will lead the way to its death – when no one in US or Canada is working – who’s going to purchase their products? – But until that time – the Rich and Greedy corporate executives – will continue down that Offshore Outsourcing road..

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      Another – When was the last time you

      by jimhm ·

      In reply to STOP sending our jobs overseas…

      Another – after brain fark – When was the last time you called a help desk number and got someone from the USA? (I am speaking if the corporation is American…) … Or if you purchased something from a Canadian company and got a Canadian on the help line…

      That is one area that has gone global – 24 by 7 – around the world support – No shift work in America – only 1 shift filled – and it just moves around the world with the Sun …

      Welcome – to the N.W.O. – and the Global Economy..

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      by oz_media ·

      In reply to STOP sending our jobs overseas…

      Welcome to the real world. In the UK last year, IT was booming! I had several opportunities sent to me from England to move back and work there. The nature of the business I’m in means I have to stay here for the time being though.

      THIS YEAR, all the jobs in the UK are being farmed out to India and people are screaming the same way you are.

      The idea is to NEVER choose a single profession but to learn several and hold that invaluable Jouneymanship or BA that keeps you employed no matter which way the market turns.

      In North America, it has always been a cakewalk as far as being successful and being given countless opportunities. In Europe and Japan, people specialize in MANY trades or professions and move from one to another as time changes the market. This is what creates a better understanding of WORK, less welfare idiots and more appreciation for life and your fellowman.
      Canada and the USA are just baby countries when it comes to their evolution, and the growing pains are still showing.

      tell a Canadian he can be a rich man, he will lift his head high and go aimlessly into the market to seek out his fortune.

      Tell a Brit he can be a rich man, he’ll look at you like you’re a freak and go back to work.

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        So…..what is the answer?

        by pbpersson ·

        In reply to Reality

        SO….let’s say I can build workstations and servers, I can install Windows NT/2000/XP/Linux on them, I can build/configure/support SQL servers, Citrix servers, Apache servers, I can write code in C, Pascal, BASIC, and VB.NET….

        How can I tell what is hot at any one time?

        If I put all that stuff on my resume I’m accused of having no goals and objectives, not being focused, and needing to specialize.

        However, if I just create a resume that concentrates on what I think might be hot in IT, I could be wrong.

        The job postings I read state that they are looking for someone with 10 years of experience in all forms of Windows, all forms of UNIX/Linux, all forms of SQL, all forms of Cisco technology, and all forms of application development/device driver development with certifications for all those items. That seems a little silly…..

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          Only the blind

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to So…..what is the answer?

          “If I put all that stuff on my resume I’m accused of having no goals and objectives, not being focused, and needing to specialize.”
          -Only by the blind, another way to look at is is that your someone who is CONSTANTLY pushing to know more, learn new tasks and have a great aptitude for programming. Not to mention your diverse knowlegde taht would be a great benefit to any company looking to expand and explore new technologies.

          My resume covers everything from Runnig a delivery company, to sales management, to marketing, to automotive repair, to construction framing, artist management, to writing security code, to …. I’ve NEVER had it come back on me as negative. Even the fact that my rule used to be that I’d NEVER work for one place more than one year, I’d even tell them that in interviews, “don’t expect me to get comfortable because I get bored when things come to a stand still.” It has never effected my ability to find work.

          I have since cut back my resume to only include related experience for whatever I’m trying to do but that is just to stop potential employers sifting through a 7 page work history.

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          by john_wills ·

          In reply to Only the blind

          I was 68 months unemployed once. In the early months I was often actually told that I was overqualified for the posts I was applying for. Disney wouldn’t take me as a hotel clerk because I was obviously an IT person, but they had no IT vacancies. More recently an agent sent me to a bank to answer phones. After 3 days the manager I was assigned to had a look at my CV and told the agent I was overqualified and should be withdrawn. I was doing the phone job well, at least the customers thought so, and it was meant to be for only 2 months, so I probably wouldn’t have time to get bored, but still…

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          Good point

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to NEVER?

          As I said, I only include relevant information to the job I’m applying for. In the case of Disney (I assume you have SOME related experience in Hotel/Motel industry)I would have only aplied with THAT info. If they asked what I’d been doing in between or since this experience, THEN I would offer more info.

          As for the manager at teh restaurant, same thing goes, only include what is relevant.

          And yes, I’ve NEVER been unemployed since turning 15 (well I did have an accident that left me out of work but that was due to rehab, not being out of work). Granted I have spent MOST of my working days doing my own thing and not working for someone else. eg. when I got a job with a cartage company, I figured I’d do better, so I bought a box van and stole thier IKEA delivery contract from under them by offering a faster service in a better truck, it looked good for them to have goods delivered in a new, reliable truck so I got the contract for two years at $100,000/per. Two years later I sold the business and opened a fireworks outlet for Halloween, then on to Christmas trees in the winter etc. Don’t think that doing too much is EVER a bad thing, it just gives you life and business experience as well as more money than working for somebody else.

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      by rezuma ·

      In reply to STOP sending our jobs overseas…

      I am a citizen of the EU (Spain), living and working in US, my wife is half Canadian Half American… when i came here to work as an IT professional first thing i realized was, $ 7500 !! for a static website!!! I can do it faster, better and cheaper in Spain, and one of my coworker can do it even cheaper in India.
      Dell is moving from Montpellier (France) to Moroco, my friend went from Spain to France, now he is loosing his job.
      You know what? the company i was working for closed, my indian friend is looking for a job, i am starting my own business developing multimedia content in Spain, things are changing and it is sure that only those who adapt can survive. I love IT, programming, but most of what i am doing now is project managment…because i am going to survive, and whatever it takes i am going to adapt to the new situation instead of craying like a baby.

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        You are so right –

        by jimhm ·

        In reply to ADAPTATION

        You are so right be adaptive or die –

        If the world changes you need to change with it or you will not make it. What happened between the family Farm and industrial farming. Those farmers that didn’t adapt to the changes – died (went belly up) …

        It’s the same with – todays Tech world. You need to adapt – change – reinvent yourself – keep your skills at the current market demand – retraining – reading – education – (Certs, who needs certs)..

        Be adaptive to the changes and you will win the gold – be a cry baby about the changes – and die on the vine.

        Face it folks – companies are going to do what is the best interest of the bottomline – not the individual employee. If it is cheaper and faster to do it in MyaMya or India or YaYaLand – then that is where they are going to do it…

        As in other posts – thats Reality – Be Adaptive of be a Fossil.

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