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Stop SPam on Exchange 2000

By saaedb ·
We have a Exchange 2000 Enterprise server. For the exchange to work with pop and other Mail server on the internet, we have to keep the Allow Annonymous Access "checked", coz when we uncheck it, we can not recieve mail from the external network (internet), and are not able to use POP.

Allowing this also makes the server vulnerable to spam, and we get whole lot extra load of junk(spam) mail being sent out from our server.

Is there any way to stop the spam, and have have POP working properly.

Steps we have tried.
<b>Turn off Annonymous Access :</b> but this will not let us recieve external mail.
<b>Tuen On Annonymous access and do allow only the list below and add our domain in the list:</b> This still allows spam through the server.

I think those were the two main prominent tricks that we tried to pull of our sleaves but did not work. We also have MAC's on the network that use Exchange as the mail server.

Any help would be appretiated.
Thanks alot

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by Oz_Media In reply to Stop SPam on Exchange 200 ...

Buy server side SPAM protection. Cheap solutions don't work, other solutions take employee time.

BUY ANTISPAM software!

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by saaedb In reply to

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by CG IT In reply to Stop SPam on Exchange 200 ...

If spammers are using your exhange server for relaying, the steps you've taken are about it at the moment. You can try a few other things like hiding your domain information with your domain name registrar. Spammers search for your information via your registrar. Another temp method is changing your IP address with your ISP [if you have a static one][dynamic IP you can try release/renew and see if your ISP give you a new on] which goes along with hiding your information with your domain name registrar. If spammers can't find your server, they can't use it.

One of the big tactics nowadays is packet sniffing when someone visits a particular site [Microsoft Community Newsgroups forums is a huge target for this especially their server forums] gleeming domain information and using that to spoof users and get at your Exchange server. You might block access to these sites.

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by CG IT In reply to

Trying to block a spammer by IP address is futile as they change them probably every 10 minutes using different companies or individuals email servers. Since they are using your domain name you can't block your own domain name.

Spammers get paid by advertisers for the # of emails sent out. NOT the # of emails someone actually reads. I suspect 99.99% of spam is not even opened nowadays with all the antispam software and junk mail filters available. If those that pay spammers to spam realize their advertising $$ are almost completely wasted on spam, as no one actually reads if, the $$ to spammers would dry up and spammers would probably be out of business. That's a hint to advertisers. Their wasting vast amounts of $$ on something that no longer works. Duh!

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by saaedb In reply to

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by saaedb In reply to Stop SPam on Exchange 200 ...

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