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Stop this Vista Hype and Insanity! I'm still working on my W2K3 MCSE

By Why Me Worry? ·
Sheeeeeeesh! I don't see companies throwing out the baby with the bathwater and dumping their XP Pro workstations or Windows 2003 servers in favor of Vista. Vista is a repeat of what happened with Windows XP when it first came out. When XP was first released, companies were still running Windows 2000 Server on the back-end and Windows XP was simply a new version of a desktop operating system. Shortly thereafter, Windows 2003 was released, which if you look at it closely, is Windows XP Server Edition, just like back in the days of NT 4.0 Workstation and Server. It won't be until 2010 or later that Windows Vista Server is released, but with all the problems with Vista and the rediculous hardware requirements for it, how many companies will be itching to shell out another $1 Million dollars or so to upgrade all their server class hardware to run Windows Vista Server, which I am sure will require hardware on par with today's Windows 2003 DataCenter Edition? This is simply getting nuts and the operating system is getting more bloated and bloated with every new release. I'm not advocating any single O/S over another, but anyone who rushed to buy Vista and is now terribly dissapointed, should have kept the money in their wallet and waited for at least SP1 to be released. I certainly will not be upgrading to Vista anytime soon so long as XP is prominent and supported. Also, many idiotic IT recruiters are already asking for Vista experience, when the product was just released and not everyone had a copy of the Beta to play with. Sheeeeeesh!

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Idiotic IT recruiters

by michael.w.newman In reply to Stop this Vista Hype and ...

This is typical of recruitment agencies and HR Departments. Heard a buzzword and do not fully understand what it all means.

Mike N

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In same boat

by TravisFx In reply to Idiotic IT recruiters

I agree. I haven't even seen Vista yet - so some might say that I don't have room to comment.
Doesn't matter though - from what I heard about its requirements, why on earth would anyone dump their stable xp system (desktop or server)? Actually, what DOES Vista offer as genuine business improvements?

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Idiotic IT Recruiters? I don't think so.

by Kardo1f In reply to Idiotic IT recruiters

I don't think that is a fair characterization at all. IT Recruiters are, first and foremost, responding to the needs that are being asked of them. If a hiring manager is telling a recruiter to get someone with Vista experience, they shouldn't be sending anything less.

And there is the perspective that many IT recruiters are looking for people with an interest in "cutting edge" technologies and products. Every system admin and engineer on the market has XP experience. Why do I need another cookie cutter admin? Show me that you are interested in exploring the new technologies, the new products, and exploring how those technologies can benefit the company.

I have literally been turned down for interviews, and still been able to get the job, based on my enthusiasm and knowledge of products that weren't even available on the market.

Besides. If you learn Vista now, then you are ahead of most of the market, making yourself that much more valuable when you are asked to roll Vista out. Which is already happening. I was rolling Vista out to my users more than a month ago. I have over a year of personal Vista experience, and was able to test Vista in a lab environment, then run my own "beta production" test with a handful of users, and have now pushed Vista laptops to an entire division of users, based on a valid business justification. When a hiring manager is looking at my resume, and your resume, with all other things equal, which of us becomes a more valuable asset to the company?

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A little help

by ted.mccarty In reply to Idiotic IT Recruiters? I ...

Hi, I am just starting to work with Vista and have noticed an issue that maybe you will have an answer for. Every time I reboot a Vista computer it fails to acquire an IP address even though it is set up for DHCP. I have to go into control panel, networking and "Repair" the connection and then it works. I sure hope that this is not a new "Feature" of Vista.

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Not so much

by Kardo1f In reply to A little help

I'm sorry, but I haven't seen this kind of issue with Vista at all. I have had some difficulty with wireless, but it was mostly the user interface, which I doubt is what you are running into. And, it was during Beta 1. I haven't actually used wireless in the release product yet, largely because my company does not permit wireless for general usage. I suppose I should take a look at it again, though.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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Sounds like an issue with using non-MS signed drivers

by Why Me Worry? In reply to A little help

which Vista will strictly enforce and make your life miserable. Make sure you are using Vista certified NIC drivers.

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by azzwippe In reply to Idiotic IT Recruiters? I ...

..and if it's a Vista ME? You wast how many thousands of bucks training?

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I am not worried

by cousintroy In reply to Stop this Vista Hype and ...

I just started my W2K3 MCSE track as well, going to take my 70-290, but I am not worried about any companies requiring Vista since I am employed and not worried about finding a job. If it comes down to me needing to get a Vista cert it wont be for a while and I will long have my W2K3 cert.

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2** is the big one

by TravisFx In reply to I am not worried

2** is the biggest one, if you don't already know. Lotsa stuff with DNS, RRAS etc.
Good Luck!

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by cousintroy In reply to 291 is the big one

Ya I am well aware of that believe me! :-)

I am confortable with WINS, DHCP, basic operations and configurations of DNS but I need to really concentrate on RRAS as I have never had to use it. We, if I pass my 290 next week, just 4 more to go! :-\

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