Stop usb drive.

By jim.johnson ·
When I try to stop a usb drive to remove it, I get a meesage that the drive can not be stop at this time. Doesn't seem to matter what I do?

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A safe way is to re-boot your system.

If you get Sandisk USB drives these will have a "exit" button that you can select so that you can then take out drive in safety.

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Most likely it is still showing in a program as an entry ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Stop usb drive.

Any device, be it a hard drive or an optical drive or a usb flash drive or even a floppy drive, forms an 'association' with the operating system when it is being used as a source to load from or to write to.

When you have finished using the usb drive and want to remove it, clicking on the safe removal button is only part of the closure procedure.

If you opened Windows Explorer (or any other file manager of your choice) and navigated to the usb drive in order to use it, you should navigate away from it again such that it ino longer is visible as an entry anywhere in the program. While it remains as an entry, its existence remains in memory and its association with that program remains valid.

Remove it from the program window, better still shut that program down, then try to click the safe removal button.

Another thing to consider - if you are being too quick about it!

Just because the file has been copied over to your usb drive doesn't mean that the system has finished with the drive - give it another 30 seconds to drop it from the task registers, then try again.

REMEMBER: if you get impatient and just go ahead and remove it, that might just be the last time it will ever work!

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You can

by Jacky Howe In reply to Stop usb drive.

also log off and remove it. Then log back on.
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Sometimes the security

by IC-IT In reply to Stop usb drive.

doesn't like to let go.
Others have mentioned safe removal options, another is to;
Open Task Manager, Process Tab, find the security program, stop it then use the system tray icon to remove it.

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