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Stop whining about climate change not being man-made...

By AnsuGisalas ·
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Yeah, so it may not be true... like branes, it is a theory the explicit truth of which is hard to prove.

However, if it is a scam then it is a necessary scam. Governments and Big Businesses are using it, blatantly, to beat themselves and each other into reducing dependence on oil before oil skews the economic power balance of the world - or rather, before it re-skews it to favor the predominantly islamic parts of the world as opposed to being skewed in favor of us in the old "western bloc".

So, global warming skeptics, suck it up. Nobody cares if it's a scam. And neither should you, unless you're arabic, in which case I say to you "Go and champion your truth", in the spirit of fair being fair.

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But But But

by NexS In reply to Stop whining about climat ...

What about us?! I want a cool new reason to complain!
We have an Ozone hole... that's pretty cool...

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That IS cool...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to But But But

It's good to complain about the ozone hole. That's something that could potentiall wipe out entire species... not every lifeform can necessarily survive it, if the UV radiation rises.
And how about the earth magnetic field weakening, y'all could start claiming that it's the weakening isn't man-made... which will likely confuse a lot of people, and make some people start thinking that it IS man-made... FUN!

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by NexS In reply to That IS cool...

We could create the misconception that magnets are man-made, and in-turn claim that created the problem.
THEN couple it with the ozone hole for extra terror. It's the new kind of terrorism: Information Terror!

edit: To add to the humour - "Information Terror" = TERRORible Information.

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Effin' magnets.

by seanferd In reply to That IS cool...

How do they work!?

Tide comes in, tide goes out.

Not intended to be a factual statement.

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Worms crawl in, worms crawl out

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Effin' magnets.

Worms play Pokemon on your snout.

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what about

by Jaqui In reply to Stop whining about climat ...

the shift in the magnetic poles?
there are signs it's on the way, again.
no magnetic field for about 50 years, massive radiation levels.
no compass for direction finding.

and yup, lots of species do become extinct during the shift, and mutations galore.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to what about

I agree... but, hm, need some controversy!
So, who's going to claim it's man-made and who's going to claim it's not? Show of hands please!

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Did you

by seanferd In reply to Yup

<i>rape and murder a young girl in 1990</i>? I haven't seen you deny it yet.

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Canadian example

by JamesRL In reply to Did you

One MP asked another in the House of Commons: "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" The only answer is not to answer. Especially since everything is recorded.

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Did you?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Did you

Careful what you answer, since either you know, or you don't know, that 1990 was a bad year for me...

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