Stopping MS licensing: consequences?

Hello folks.

I'm trying to decided to buy or not to buy cloud email. Meanwhile, the licenses on our Exchange servers are expiring. I'm trying to determine what happens if I don't renew them, but I don't want to ask the people who are selling them.

So, could someone answer what happens if I stop licensing the Exchange servers? I can still use them but have no updates? Can't reinstall?

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Using unlicensed M$ Software

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Stopping MS licensing: co ...

Will result in M$ Starting Legal Action against your company which will end up with a $250,000.00 US Settlement eventually after about 18 or so months and the Companies Principles Name & Home Address being listed in the M$ Enforcement Alerts for a First Offense. It gets downright nasty if this isn't a First Offense which I have never known any company to get caught doing but that just means that I have not heard about them being caught.

There will also be any Legal Costs incurred by the company defending against the M$ Claim to be considered as not every company has it's own Legal Department. Even if they do not all Legal People will be versed in Copyright Law and the company may need to get outside Legal Help here.

Over all if you use M$ Software it's a good idea to have it licensed. If you don't want to pay the License Fee don't use M$ Software as when M$ come knocking on your door it's a painful experience.


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oooOo!! Drat...

by JLVFR In reply to Using unlicensed M$ Softw ...

I thought that, if I didn't renew, I'd simply loose the possibility of updates/upgrades

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