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Stopping Plagiarism

By Aaron_Sc917 ·
Hi there,
Plagiarism nowadays are so common, at least 80 people out of 100 plagiarize. How can we prevent this plagiarism from happening?

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by jschein In reply to Stopping Plagiarism
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by TheChas In reply to Stopping Plagiarism

To stop any immoral activity, you need to:

Set a good example.

Teach ALL children to do what is right.

Lead by example. Do not cheat or make use of material by others inappropriately.

The only way to completely stop plagiarism is to NEVER publish anything!!!

How sad our world would be if we stopped sharing information.


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by saihib In reply to Stopping Plagiarism

It's easy to stop plagiarism: politely ask people not to do it and they won't. We all know this is a perfect world. Another alternaltive is to dismantle the Internet, destroy all libraries, and prevent publication of anything. Take your pick.

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by DSC In reply to Stopping Plagiarism

On the information superhyway it is nearly impossible to stop all instances of copy & paste, intellectual property thief and copyright infringment, however you may help slowing it down by placing unwanted code into the documents, which identify your property. You may select java script for your web page which prevents easy web coping. You may also compress html to make the code almost unlegible. You may lock down your host subdirectories to readonly, written documents can be placed into acrobat PDF format with copy, edit and print locked out, "requires having Adobe Acrobat writer". May choose to archive files such as photos and/or watermarking them. These things only slow down what is a ever progressing thing on the internet, thief.

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