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Stopping spam at the root

By pr0teus ·
Based on the spoofing and general deceitful tactics now utilised by spammers, how does one trace an email (emails) back to the original sender. Whether that sender is an infected machine (adware) or the culprit himself.

Then, how much sense would this suggestion make:
Can we start a list of all emails and domains from which these vermin are launching their annoying pestilence and make that available to mail software companies and individuals (basically anybody who wants it) so we can really fry spam!

I'm distressed!!!!

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Stopping spam at the root

You need to check out their efforts.

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Commercial Solutions

by JamesRL In reply to Stopping spam at the root

There are mail filters(Brightmail) that intercept spam before it hits your mail server - some reside on the internet, some sit on your network.

They use lists like you describe. Its not perfect. I know my name has been used as a spam sending id, and trust me I have never sent spam, and so therefore I've been blocked from sending to some people.

But most of the services allow you to subscribe to the many spam lists, and manually add or take away certain blocks as needed.


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