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Stopping Spam

By rbm100 ·
I?ve been charged with the God-awful chore of cleaning up the e-mail Spam for our company. Currently we are receiving anywhere from 40,000 to 60,000 e-mails a day. Of that number, maybe 15% is legitimate e-mails. I would like to know if anyone has a working Spam blocking system in place and what that might be. Thanks in advance..

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by Oz_Media In reply to Stopping Spam

I believe GWAVA runs on MS too if you are still using a MS NOS.

I have tried $4000.00 solutions, $50.00 solutions, my own Python scropting solutions and much more over a 4 year period.

GWAVA is by FAR the best system I have come across. It is VERY small, VERY robust, VERY efficient, VERY resourceful. It will un on whatever server you can cram it into without slowing thigs down.

Now if GWAVA won't fit your network due to compatibility issues, GW Guardian is MS based (even though designed for GroupWise) but also does heuristic, address, known spam scanning, (as does GWAVA), incorporates your existing AV solution and scans OUTSIDE the MTA or PO. NOTE: GWGuardian is about $1500.00 and requires a dedicated dual processor server, they will provide a preinstalled, turnkey box for about $5000.00 or so. You'll have to do a simple search for gwguardian, I think that's the url even but not positive, it's been a while.

All the other cheapies, Spam Assasin etc. usually only incorporate RBL and some scanning options such as adress blocking (which is VERY ineefective)but block too much wanted mail. The issue with low cost solutions is they have too many false positives (incorrectly blocked email) and MOST do not let your train the heuristic scans or tweak them for accuracy. Many low cost solutions are just an easy address blocking interface that leave it to the user to build block lists, no diferent than creating email ruls in the client blocking lists, this should be done at the server BY the administator so the mail isn't hitting the desktops and filling up your server with crap to begin with, as well as they also allow viral emails into the server.

If you want a GOOD network based solution that takes the burden OFF the user, spend the money and do it right.

It seems that I am forever removing useless spam protection for clients that "Got a great deal and figured it was worth a try", and replacing it with more effective and far more costly solutions.

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What mail system?

by sstark In reply to Stopping Spam

I am running Exchange 2003 and I find the MS Intelligent Filtering software to work quite well. It captures 40,000 spam mails per week and if 50 e-mails per week are sneaking through the spam filter, I'd be suprised. It did take some time for it to learn what is and isn't spam, but now that it's set up, it's awesome. And if you are an EA customer, it's free!

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Running MS Exchange 2003

by rbm100 In reply to What mail system?

The majority of our company is running the Microsoft OS in an Active Directory domain. Is there any reason you guys see a problem running multiple spam blockers (MS Intelligent and GWAVA)?

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