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Stops at 7F during boot

By birdmanmar3 ·
This is a new board that Stops at 7F during boot. I have tryed all the usual . . . changed P/S, video cards, ram, keyboards each several diff ones. I have it sitting on my workbench with only cpu/hs-ram-video card-power supply no HD, floppy or anything else. I have reset cmos 4x and double checked jumpers. The pc diag card is persistant reporting 7F after every change, then the boot process stops again at 7F.Does this sound like some thing any one else has gone through?

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by ctrservices In reply to Stops at 7F during boot

What's the make and model of the diag card?

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by birdmanmar3 In reply to

The diag board is Soyo

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by azul In reply to Stops at 7F during boot

With out knowing which diag card or the BIOS I can only guess.

My guess is, since you have swapped multiple keyboards, you got a bad system board. You said it is new but I have seen plenty of new system board be dead out of the box.

Based on the troubleshooting stated above the only two pieces of hardware not eleminated as a possible fault is the system board and processor.

I think it is a system board.

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by birdmanmar3 In reply to

As it turns out their is a third factor. I wouldn't have (I didn't) even considered a power dip. I took the board and the other parts to a friends house four blocks away. He put the juice to it and booted up like nothing was wrong. So , I guess that will be yet another part to consider in the equation

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Stops at 7F during boot

I would agree with the M'Board being faulty as well. I just hope that it isn't one of those new P4 D Core CPU's as they are a pig to get the Heat Sink off once installed.


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by birdmanmar3 In reply to

This was an ECS board with a P4 2.4Ghz Thanks for every ones help.

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by birdmanmar3 In reply to Stops at 7F during boot

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