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Storage devices

By Amisuat ·
Hi..can anyone tell wat type of storage media do i use in A private research institute who needs to retain files concerning its completed projects; the files are not subject to updating, but they need to be fre??quently referenced in a timely manner

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Storage Server or NAS

by TheChas In reply to Storage devices

Depending on the size of the organization, and the amount of date, it sounds like you need either a storage server or a NAS device.

For a small office with less than a few tera-bytes of data, I would go with a NAS.

For a large number of users with a lot of data, a storage server configured as a redundant RAID array would be the way to go.

Either way, regular backups are a must.


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by Amisuat In reply to Storage Server or NAS

can u say me why do i use RAID?Nd its advantages?

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Recovery and Reliability

by TheChas In reply to reply

If you configure your storage as a redundant RAID array, there is always a second copy of all files on another drive. Should one drive fail, you replace the drive and rebuild the array. Back online with all data in the shortest amount of time.

When planning a redundant RAID array, keep in mind that the available storage capacity is much less than the total capacity of the drives. What you loose in capacity you gain in reliability and speedy recovery from a drive failure.


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As the Chas has already said

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Storage devices

A NAS or File Server is the way to go but from my reading of your question I'm assuming that there isn't a Large Data File or at least the Individual File isn't that large, maybe I'm wrong here but a Small NAS like this is what I would be looking at.

Relatively cheap offers good Data Redundancy and easy to setup & use.

Of course if they need something better or bigger there are bigger brothers for devices like this.


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by aaronangelle In reply to Storage devices

I am using external hard disk to store my data. It is also called usb hard disk. So i can suggest you to use this. It is cheap and easy to carry.

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