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Storage Policy

By mfac204 ·
I have an issue regarding a client that is running out of disk space but does not want to buy anymore storage. Does anyone have any documents on storage policies. Such things as cleaning up files that haven't been accessed in 3-6 months, stuff like that. Also my customer wants me to look at certain applications and and find out how I can trim space from there network. I am currently working on a questionnaire for each application manager to asses there storage needs and habits. This is alos something that would help, if anyone hase something like that.

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Archiving can help

by nickargall In reply to Storage Policy

The only general advice I can give is that people agree much more easily to having files archived than deleted. The archive medium of choice at the moment (not backup medium, archive medium) is a DVD-R, because it's very easy to get the data out again, and it lasts longer than a tape.
What I would do in your situation is:
- Get an agreement that you will attack the problem using DVD archiving. This means you need a DVD-R drive and possibly a few DVD reading drives. (Suggesting that execs get DVD-reading drives may help your case, too.)
- Get some information on the online data vs archive data needs of your users. (Questionnaires are good, _if_ people fill them in. Interviews are generally better.)
- Get agreement from the relevant managers to a specific archiving strategy that meets their needs.
- Ideally, make the users responsible for the storage and administration of their archives. That way, when someone misplaces a three-year-old DVD that turns out to have a critical report on it, responsibility and authority goes to the people who will suffer if the job isn't done - people forgive themselves long before they forgive others.

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Amount of Space

by leehellcat In reply to Storage Policy

How much storage do they currently have. I can't help but think that with Hard Disk prices as low as they are at precent they would be crazy to spend $300 on a DVDRW drive, when you can get a lot of Hard Disk for that.

As a short term solution itwould make sense to me to add some extra storage, then implement a new storage policy, using disk quota's to limit how much information is stored.
Another approach may be to restrict the amount of personal data users can keep on the network. My current employer has an area for users to keep personal data, the irony is that most users save the same attachments that come around the office, so we have 30 copies of everything saved, which is a waste. I am currently starting research on implementing a system to limit users personal storage space, and what that limit should be.

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