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By luv2bike2 ·
I have a POP3 server (software is PostOffice and the company is out of business-not really relevent to the situation, just figure i would put that in). I have my users use Outlook 2003 to send and receive their email messages, which is no problem.

I believe there is an limit on how much disk space Outlook allows for a PST file. I believe the limit is 2 gigs. If I am correct on the disk space, does that disk space include the archive.pst file as well?

I have a user that their username.pst file is 1.2 gig, and an archive.pst file that is 1.8 gig and an archive1.pst file that is 75megs. The user does have the archive.pst file open when they open up outlook (it is visible on the left side of Outlook under the folders section but not in the Personal Folders section)

I emailed this user with a file that was 6.6 megs. I received an email message stating the following:

"This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:

The recipient(s) indicated below did not receive this message because their mailbox size limit would have been exceeded. It has been returned and it is recommended that you contact the recipient and request that space be made available within their mailbox.

Note: The Postmaster for this mail server may increase the mailbox quota on the account referenced below to accommodate the delivery of additional mail.

No storage space available in mailbox for

The following recipients haven't received this message:"

I have gone in and checked the users account limit in PostOffice and it is set to 20 megs and the file that I sent out was only 6.6 megs so to me it seems like it would have to do with their mailbox in Outlook.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Actually, it is the mailbox size

by The Scummy One In reply to Storage space - Email Acc ...

which would include calendar, contacts, inbox, recycle/deleted items, sent, etc..

Often the Calendar fills up and causes this problem, so have the user archive calendar items and dump sent items into a new .pst file. Then empty deleted items and try again.

Aside from that, try sending the file a different way, as to not fill up a mailbox. Maybe share a folder and have the person download it!

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Hey Scummy

by Tink! In reply to Actually, it is the mailb ...

would you mind making your answer a bit more verbose? I don't want to sound like an idiot, but could you detail how to "dump sent items into a new .pst file" I think my boss would benefit from doing this on his computer as I tend to get emails from the server warning of his mailbox nearing max capacity every so often.

Thanks! Tink :)

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Right click the folder

by Kenone In reply to Hey Scummy

and archive now. You can also use the archive function under the file menu and pick which folders to archive and where. You can always set up his mail with an archive mailbox so he can refer back to his old e-mails.
Sorry to horn in.

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pst files

by Kenone In reply to Storage space - Email Acc ...

.pst files were limited to 2gig per pst file in Outlook 2000,as far as I know you can have as many as you want as long as no individual file exceeds the limit. I have heard a rumor that the max size was increased in 2003, I'm not sure of that though.
I think, and I could be wrong, and these guys will correct me I'm sure, that the error message you received was referring to the mailbox on the server. If the users mail is set to leave a copy on the server for x days then that could be causing the rejection.

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Yep -server message

by shasca In reply to pst files

Outlook could care less how much junk you save locally.
The server mailboxes have to have restrictions on them to function properly. There has to be a management interface for "PostOffice". This is where you would manage mailbox sizes if they are able to changed.
The cleanup instructions above would help as in your archiving of files would remove them from the server and store them locally in the current .PST file/s.

Happens here all the time.

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Thats what it was....

by luv2bike2 In reply to Yep -server message

the user had the box checked off for leaving a copy on the server.

Thanks to all for your suggestion.... :)

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by shasca In reply to Thats what it was....

Now Email management will be a piece of cake.

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