STORAGETEK MIDRANGE BLADE CNTL Fail status after replacing drive?

By cowen80194 ·
STT B220BD2-0000/R Serial#: 486000010006
This is what I found on the unit maybe someone can figure out who the manufacture is from this information SUN/Oracle was not able to locate the model. I am not at the site so going from descriptions Tha remote connect software shows Baltimore STK B220 on the disk properties if this helps.

I have a Array that a drive showed as failed, replaced it with a equivalent drive and still shows failed, OK maybe it was dropped in shipping so replaced it again with another drive and still shows failure. Maybe I need to match the drives that are in there so we replaced it again and still failed.

I am not thinking there maybe something else I need to try to get the STATUS to change to Pass. I have already tried to power cycle the unit with no good changes.


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Consider also the controller or the connector.

by seanferd In reply to STORAGETEK MIDRANGE BLADE ...

These could have failed. But where is the failure message generated? Is it a hardware failure or a data failure (e.g., if this is RAID and the array hasn't been rebuilt yet). Are you certain you are replacing the drive with an equivalent drive?




It may be best to try and figure out what vendor sold the system and ring them up. Your company has to have a sales receipt somewhere.

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Some of these RAID Array Controllers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to STORAGETEK MIDRANGE BLADE ...

Are downright Strange and even then some HDD Makers don't make standard Size Drives.

A few years ago I had a 40 GIG Drive fail in a RAID Array and when I replaced the drive and attempted to rebuild the Array I was told that there was not enough space on the new Disc. So I swapped it out with a 80 GIG drive and just told it to rebuild the Array to the correct Size.

Still didn't work I had to replace the drive with one from the same maker in this case it was a IBM Glass Platter Drive so I had to use a Hitachi Replacement drive. The reason here was that the Hitachi/IBM 40 GIG Drive was not actually a 40 GIG Drive it was something like 45 Gig and this threw the Drive Parameters out the door when I used any other make of drive.

More importantly who at SUN did you speak to a Sales Guy or a Tech? This should be a small now obsolete Sun Midrange Blade Server here are the full specs of it.



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Very good information this has helpped to determine

by cowen80194 In reply to STORAGETEK MIDRANGE BLADE ...

That this is not a pieced together hybrid of something else.

I am trying out the links.

The FAIL message is coming from the management software drive at tray 1 slot 14
It sees everything but the failure is showing for status redundancy is showing ok looks like a data mismatch. Could this be caused from removing a drive with out first taking the drive out of service then changing drives and putting the drive back in service?

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Very good information thi ...

It very well could be

But then again it could be that there is a Mismatch in Drive Parameters which is causing this to happen.

Some of these Systems are very Finicky. The more removed from Mainstream Systems they are the harder they are to maintain and the more Hardware Specific they can be.

If you have the Original Drive I would try removing it but if you no longer have it you may have to attempt a repair other ways. Yep I know easier said than done.


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More info

by cowen80194 In reply to STORAGETEK MIDRANGE BLADE ...


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