Strange Data in a Word document

By ndveitch ·
Hi There,

I have to ask a question about a Word document that my Dad sent me. My Dad sent me a work document and it has something in it that I have never seen before.

When you open the document in Word and then select the formatting tool (show/hide formatting) there is a whole whack of text between the heading and the first picture in the document. It is sort of like hidden text that is only displayed with the show/hide formatting tool.

I would think that it would be some type of cookie data, but I am not sure. I thought I would ask you just in case some one has seen this before. It was a recipe for lamb Shank and the extra hidden data was all about bookmarks,and links to blog sites. I tried to copy and paste the text but I was unable to. The text was all bulleted and had links to Yahoo, Google, Digg, Facebook, Wikipedia - Social Bookamrking.

I ran it through a virus checker but it came up clean. Should I be concerned about some thing like this, and how can I make sure that attachments my staff get in the office don't have anything like this in them that could be malicious.

In my office i am running Symantec Endpoint Protection that I make sure is updated every day, and I make sure that a check is done on every machine at least twice a week. Would that be enough within reason?

I would gladly upload it if someone wants to have a look at what i mean, i just don't see if there is a place to upload files. Also if i'm correct the recipe is actually quite good.

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cookie data? no.

by seanferd In reply to Strange Data in a Word do ...

I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts dad copied this off a web page, then formatted out all the extraneous junk without actually deleting it.

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He might be trying to tell you something,

by Jacky Howe In reply to Strange Data in a Word do ...

have you spoken to him?

LOL, he might be saying, get a bit of tucker into you.

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RE: I would gladly upload it if someone wants to have a look

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Strange Data in a Word do ...

Well there are several way to do this you could include it in the body of the Text that you post here by Cutting & Pasting to the Web Browser.

Or you could do a Screen Dump and save that as a jpg file and post it on a place like Photobucket.

But depending on what is actually in the text it's either as suggested above a copy from a Web Page that has not been correctly cleaned up or it could just simply be the Formating Information of the Document.

Word Processors like Word have a WYSIWYG display but they do hide a lot of Formating Characters within the document.

So if it says things like Font Type or Paper Size it's straight Formating Information but if it has URLs in it then it's what has been copied from a Web Site into the Word Document.

Either way as it's hidden it shouldn't be an issue to Network Security unless it's something really strange. Scanning Incoming E-Mail for infections which is standard practice should be sufficient.


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