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Strange Duties Being Assigned

By tabby80 ·
I work for an ecommerce company doing customer support (telephone and email) for a small line of services. I answer basic questions, assist with getting accounts set up, pass bugs onto programmers, ect. The company's support team is small (about 5 people) and we all work from home. We are in Canada, and the company is in Poland. (this is not one of your standard work-from-home positions, I actually needed an interview and it didn't cost me money or anything). I've had the job over a year and a half.

Just after I'd been here a year (when I was due for my raise) they piled a bunch of strange work on me. When I asked if I would receive more money they told me it came with the raise. It seemed strange, but I didn't think much of it.

Now they have started adding strange duties such as telemarketing. This was something I'd specifically asked about when I started this job. I despise those types of duties. I brought up my concerns and was basically told 'too bad for you'. My solution so far has been to do the work 'very well'. When I get my list of calls to make for the day I do them back to back to get them over with. The end result is that our customers can't get through to me for tech support.

I'm a trained network admin/pc tech. I find this to be unsulting, especially since I was told my duties would never include telemarketing. Changing jobs is not an option. I have a vacation planned in a couple months(unpaid, might I add) and have no savings. There is also the issue of no jobs in this area. I'm not making a lot of money, but I really need it right now.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me?

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Do your best - and stick with it

by JimHM In reply to Strange Duties Being Assi ...

Well as they say you're between a rock and a hard place - your choices are - quit and end up on the streets or put up with their BS and get some pay while working from home.

If you are unwilling or unable to relocate to an area where the job market is better then your are locked in. There is nothing anyone can suggest that will make it better - there is no choices that can be made to change what they have you doing. (I assume there is no employment contract that spells out what your job function is - and the telemarketing was verbal)

My suggestion is Grin and bend over and say "Thank you Sir may I have another!" - If you are unwilling or unable to modify your current location then you are stuck - like a fly in a spider web...

Have a few cold ones on vacation and enjoy the time away from the office...

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no options

by Black Panther In reply to Do your best - and stick ...

When you have no other options all you can do is say to yourself --- if they want to pay me the same money to telemarket as for System Admin then who is losing out!!

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Probably Will

by tabby80 In reply to no options

Thanks guys.

Part of the not moving involves the fact that I have no money, part involves the fact I have a big dog, a cat, and a 55 gallon fish tank (so I need a house), and part of it is because all of my family is already a 2 hour drive from me. My brother is 8 (there's a large age difference) and I'd like to be around until at least the time he's old enough to come visit me.

I also want to start my own business, and have started into the planning stages.

I think I may just keep going the way I have been. As an update, there were complaints from customers who were not able to get through over the last several days. I was not given a list yesterday or today, and nothing has been said about it.

Perhaps this is the end of that particular duty?

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Dont' Worry

by Black Panther In reply to Probably Will

Life is short and nothing is permanent except for change!

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by jmschattke In reply to Strange Duties Being Assi ...

Tell them to keep their raise, and their Strange Duties.

Hire a minimum wage part-time worker to do the Telemarketing.

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... and then book the afternoon off

by eric.dawson In reply to

...and go golfing.

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now then.

by husp1 In reply to Strange Duties Being Assi ...

seems to me from your last posting that the solution presented itself. Remember that if a boss sees somthing that works they tend to want to tweak it.

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UPDATE - Fired

by tabby80 In reply to Strange Duties Being Assi ...

At almost 3 years of employment I got a telephone call from the 'big boss' to fire me! It was halfway through the month (I'm on a month to month contract) and I was not provided with a severence or the full pay for the month. In fact, I had to threaten legal action to get the 2 weeks pay that I had worked, and I only got that because my manager stuck her neck out for me.

They also did not provide me with a reason.

I checked with my lawyer and because I do not have a written contract (only a verbal one) I do not have any legal recourse. He also informed me that if I made any attempt it would cost me more than I would get.

So, I guess that's a warning to all those self employed people out there - get everything in writing!

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