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Strange e-mail issue

We are running Exchange 5.5 SP4, and all seems to be normal with our Internet mail, except we have approximately ten people who cannot e-mail to us (we can e-mail them). The NDR they get says that the maximum time for delivering the message has expired.We successfully receive e-mails from hundreds of other domains with no problem. I do not know what else to check at this point, nor do I have any sense of which direction to pursue.

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MX Records

by Jellimonsta In reply to Strange e-mail issue

This sounds to be a problem with your MX records. It may be that your ISP (if site is hosted) has your MX record costings in the incorrect order. It happened to us 6 months back when our site was still hosted. Then individuals who do not have the ability to try another method of sending on Email after the failure of initial contact, time out. Effectively if this is the case, all of the initial connection attempts to your Email server from the outside world fail. Then individuals who are able totry a second MX costing are able to get through with secondary attempts. Check the DNS record on your local server and then verify with your ISP that the records are correct in their DNS entries.

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Spam Filter errroneous Black listing

by Tiffany2 In reply to MX Records

With spam becoming more and more a problem companies are developing (with mixed results I might add) anti-Spam software and appliances. It has recently come to my attention that some companies are mistakely added to spam databases and get blocked asa result. Check with their IT departments or your spam filtering company.

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